Lena's story

Nadya! Nadya! Nadya! I was sick to death of hearing the world revolving around Nadya at my school, especially since she lost her virginity last week to Tommy. Everybody at my school, well, just the girls, know of the Legend of The Virgin Whisperer and Tommy. They know that he is the expert one, the one to take your virginity respectfully and properly and that you can make a very nice stash of cash at the same time.
Other girls have boasted of his prowess and their experiences, but Nadya has gone too far this time. Not only is it the only conversation out of her mouth, but on whispered confidences, Tommy has decided to give up his job, for her! According to her, Tommy told her that she was the best he had ever had and that in that one brief coupling, he has declared his undying love for her! According to her, they are sneaking out together at night and talking babies and marriage. This talk of hers is just sickening and so very untrue and do you know how I know the truth? It is because that just 48 hours ago, Tommy took my virginity. And there was no mention of his "one, true love, Nadya".... Read more >>>
I wasn't too sure about losing my virginity, much less losing it to a well known porn actor. But, finally, at the age of 18, I had a boyfriend, an experienced boyfriend and I was worried that my inexperience sexually would be a turn-off for him and I really, really liked him.
So, I called the producer at defloration.com and he assured me that my defloration would be tastefully done and the I could stop at anytime I wished for any reason at all. I would turn 18 in three weeks time, so I made the appointment and it seemed like it took forever for that special day to arrive, but it finally had and I was beyond excited that I was going to lost my virginity to the famous Virgin Whisperer, Tommy.
The most fun fact was that I knew Nadya was full of shit and that I was being deflowered by Tommy in the midst of their alleged love affair.
Tommy was there through my entire shoot. He flirted with me, kissed me, touched me and made me feel quite comfortable with my body and with his. We were both on sensory overload when it came time to deflower me and my pussy was dripping before he even took my breast into his mouth. As he fingered me to multiple orgasms, my body quivered and shook and I could tell he was taking as much pleasure from me as he was giving me.
The next day I returned to school confident as a woman who now knew how to please her man. I only told a select few of my experience with Tommy and how good it was. Within 24 hours, word had spread about Tommy and his professional deflorations, with an emphasis on "professional" And Nadya had finally shut up! As it came to light a week or so later, it was discovered that she was already three months pregnant and that just did not make sense with her story of Tommy deflowering her. She had made the whole thing up! It was nothing but a pack of lies, a silly schoolgirl crush that went out of control.
And, it was me, shy unassuming me who had the pleasure and honor of being deflowered by such a kind and considerate professional. My boyfriend and I continue to have a wonderful and satisfying relationship, on a spiritual level as well as a incredibly satisfying sexual relationship. And I owe all of that to Tommy and defloration.com.
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Helen Flingston:

Hello, my name is Helen and I am just 18 years old. My family lives on a farm outside of Budapest and I am just finishing my final school year. I have a mother and a father and a very protective older brother. Oh, and a boyfriend, too.
I work hard on the farm to help my mother and father and my days are very busy. Money is very tight, so we all work together and our life is good. I get up very early each day and my brother and I do the chores to start the day. Then I go to school and study hard and when I get home, there is still much work to be done in the house. There is little time for fun in my life and what free time I have I spend in the company of my family and my boyfriend.
Last week we went to the Cinema and... Read more >>> enjoyed a popular movie. As we sat in the dark, he put his arm around my shoulders and let his had brush down over my tit. At first, I was startled, but as the movie progressed, his brushes became stronger and more frequent and I could feel each brush from my tit down to my very core. When the movie was over, he pulled me hard against him and I could feel the hardness of his penis as he claimed my mouth with his. When he finished kissing me, we were both breathless. I had to push him away. I could not continue. I must remain chaste because I had sold my virginity to a photographer who would pay me good money for pictures of my virgin pussy. And even better money if I would allow him to photograph the loss of my innocence to a porn star. I agreed. I signed the contract and I really need the money.
You see, I dream of becoming a veterinarian. I have spent my whole life on the farm tending to all the animals I love so much. I have watched our veterinarian work with our animals and I have learned a lot from him. But it will take money for me to be able to leave the farm and go to school. And when I graduate, I can come back to the farm and be an even better support to my family. Selling my virginity seemed like the only option I had.
Even out here in the countryside of Budapest, Tommy and defloration.com are legends. I've had several friends who have lost their innocence to Tommy and they all said it was a good experience and all that he taught them made them to be better girls for their boyfriends. I wanted to be that better girlfriend and I needed the money. So, I hatched a plan and contacted the defloration.com studios and signed a contract.
It was an early spring day and already it was warm, so I put on my favorite pink sundress and my favorite fuchsia panties and headed to the studios.
I met Tommy and the producer and photographer and they couldn't have been nicer. We traveled a bit to one of their favorite locations and while we were driving, I got to know Tommy a little better. He was always gently touching me and he occasionally would give me a chaste kiss. I felt amazing to be the object of this man's affection. He was funny and had a good sense of humor and he was careful with me as he knew I was nervous. I had ample time to get used to his touch as his body before we began filming.
We started with a kiss and that kiss became more passionate as time progressed. He started out gently stroking my breasts and as my nipples pebbled hard and straight, he took the entire breast into his mouth and sucked. Hard! Instinctively, my hands flew to his head as I pulled him into suckle first one nipple and then the other. It was a strange sensation at first, and my mind was warring with itself over what was happening to my body, but then sensation turned into indescribable pleasure and my body and my soul began to crave his touch for the pleasure it could bring me.
He then began to finger me where no man had ever ventured before. It started as a little tickle, but the more insistent he became, the tickle turned into a burning sensation that soon had my legs weak and jelly like. His large hands held me up and soon his strokes became faster and more urgent as I gave into these strange and new sensations and then my orgasm hit me fast and unexpected as my eyes rolled back into my head and my body began to shake and quiver from the shear sensation of it all and as it reached its crest, Tommy sucked a nipple into his mouth and sucked with all the strength that he could muster and I began to fall, to float away from my body on wave after wave of sheer pleasure. Oh My God! This is amazing I thought and I wondered if all orgasms were like this or was it just an orgasm with Tommy? When I finally regained cogent thought, Tommy was smiling at me and I could have sworn I saw pride in his eyes. But here I was, all naked and having had one hell of an orgasm and Tommy was still fully clothed. When he finally revealed his manhood to me, I was in awe and scared that this defloration thing wasn't going to work. But Tommy was gentle and as he introduced his penis with pride, he taught me how to please a man with my mouth and Tommy must have been a very good teacher, too because he grew bigger and filled my mouth to its fullest. I had to concentrate to fit his very large, oversized penis into my mouth without biting him with my teeth, but his patience was complete and the moans that came out of his mouth encouraged me to continue my onslaught.
It came time that my oral skills were making it difficult for him not to come, so he made it clear that the time had come to take my innocence. But he was and continued to be kind and gentle to me and he prepared me by bringing me to near orgasm before he put it in. By the time he did breach my hymen, while I felt initial pain, it quickly turned to great pleasure and through our experience, he brought me to orgasm twice before he came. I'd never seen sperm before and I was curious to see it, but my newly opened pussy missed his penis inside of me. He filled me so completely, that when he pulled out to release himself, my pussy felt cold and lonely. We spent some time resting together and then before I knew it, the time for us to get dressed and leave was upon us.
Tommy gave me such an incredible experience that I wished I could come back and do it again and again; but then I guess, you only get once experience; one chance when you lose your virginity and I don't doubt for a minute that I had not done the right thing. I needed the money, yes, but I also wanted my first time to be special and it was.
Today, I am apprenticing as a veterinarian and while I am no longer with my first boyfriend, what I learned from Tommy has made me a better lover and I am sure if my current boyfriend knew the truth, he'd send Tommy a letter of thanks.

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Ava Gardon

Hello! I am Ava from St. Petersburg, Russia. I thought I had experienced a lot of embarrassment and sacrifice in my life but today was a really awkward day for me. It wasn’t the first time I masturbated but I lied as there was the most annoying female asking me all kinds of stupid questions. Did it give me pleasure? Hmmm. I probably got as much pleasure as I get by brushing my teeth but it did give me something to think about when I now touch my virgin pussy! But it made me suddenly excited and wanting to discover more!
As most little girls in my city and country, I have the dream of becoming a ballerina... Read more >>>
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Jessica Mazury!

Hi, my name is Jessica and I am no longer a virgin! I say that with great pride because I saved my virginity for my boyfriend and he was worth it.
First, I tell you a little bit about me. When I was a child, you would have called me a "tom-boy". I was all girl, but I wasn't into frilly things or playing with dolls. I dressed like a boy in jeans and t-shirts and I loved playing outside chasing lizards and participating in sports. I didn't have many girl friends, but I had a lot of boy friends and I had so much more fun with the boys than I could have ever imagined with the girls.
The summer I turned 12, everything went wrong. First, I began to menstruate. I was so ashamed. I did not want any of the boys I knew to know of my shame. I could not hide the bulky pads under my jeans and had to wear dresses when I had my period. The boys I played with, began to make fun of me and the girls I never had played with made fun of me also. I grew six inches taller that summer, too; so tall that my bones in my legs hurt and between that and cramps, I was in constant pain.
I spent many nights crying myself to sleep from a combination of the pain and the sadness. It was a very lonely summer and by the time we went back to school, my breasts had begun to develop and where most girls had little bee sting breasts, mine were full and heavy, leading to many taunts from cruel girls and nasty jeers from over-sexed boys.
It was the longest and loneliest year of my life.
Things did not get better for the rest of my school years. My body continued to... Read more >>> betray me as it developed faster and bigger than the other girls. Their taunts destroyed my spirit and the boys would not leave me alone. Sure, I was asked out for dates a lot of times, but they did not want my company; they wanted to feel my breasts and for me to make them men. So, you can imagine my excitement when I was 17 when a innocent girl wanted to be my friend. Only she didn't really want to be my friend, she wanted the very same things the boys did.
My mother was no help through all of this. She did nothing to comfort me or to give me advice. To be fair, I secretly thought that she was jealous of me. I was glad when I finally turned 18 and I was in my last year of school. I was determined that I would leave my family and school and seek out my own life in the city, a life I had hoped would not be as lonely as the one I was leaving behind.
My first action, on my 18th birthday was to get a belly button ring. I had seen them in the flat bellies of my wealthier classmates and I thought they were so classy. My parents, of course, were against it. They don't believe in marking one's body, but my own body had betrayed me and I saw no harm in trying to make it more like the other popular girls.
I had been saving my money for a year and found a tattoo shop within walking distance of the autobus line. I made the appointment for the very next day and so that I would not be detained, I climbed out my bedroom window very early in the morning and took the bus into the city.
I stopped to eat breakfast, but my tummy was so nervous, I did not eat much. I arrived at the shop early and spent a few minutes pacing back and forth wondering if this were not such a good idea.
Soon, a young man, peeked his head out the door to talk to me and when our eyes met, I felt butterflies in my tummy. His eyes held mine and pulled me to him. All I saw were his eyes. We spoke no words, I became lost not knowing where I was or what I was doing. The spell was broken when another customer tried to enter the store where our feet were firmly planted.
I finally got a good look at him. He had highlighted spiked hair and enough scruff on his face to give him a bad boy look, but the twinkle in his eyes, well that was pure mischief and I wanted to know more about him; my body wanted to know so much more.
He ushered me into the store and asked me to call him Ace. "Ace?" I questioned. "Yeah, just Ace" he replied and with the warmth of his voice tickling my ears, I knew that he was so much more.
I told him that I wanted a belly button ring and his eyebrow cocked up and his eyes began to twinkle. I felt that winkle right down to my toes and then that feeling settled in my stomach and I could barely breathe.
He helped me into a reclining position on his chair and went to lift my t-shirt up. I grabbed at the ends and stuttered "What are you, you doing?" "Relax, beautiful" he said, "I just need to prep the area."
He called me "beautiful" my heart sang inside. No one has ever called me beautiful. Not my parents or other boys or anybody. I let him pull up my shirt and he stopped short of my breasts. His hand glided on my flat stomach and his caress was warm and gentle and I wished that he would continue northward to caress my breasts. I blushed at the thought and he caught my eye and it was as if we were both thinking the same thing. I started to feel moisture near my shaved virgin pussy and I was afraid that I had gotten my period. I jumped off the table and ran to the bathroom, leaving Ace stunned in my wake.
In the bathroom, I stared at myself in the mirror and I almost didn't recognize myself. My face was flushed with what must have been desire and my nipples were pebbled and stretching the thin fabric of my t-shirt taut. I examined my pussy area for blood and my hand came away with a silky glistening fluid. I held my fingers to my nose expecting to smell blood, but instead, the smell was sweet and musky. Again I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I no longer saw an overdeveloped and clumsy teenager, but a woman that a handsome man with mischievous eyes called beautiful.
I returned to the chair, bolded by my revelation and I pulled up my shirt enough to give him a peek of my breasts, but not enough that he would think I was easy. He let out a low whistle and before I knew it, he was done.
We had our first date and kiss that day, my birthday, the day that changed everything.
I was determined that Ace would become my boyfriend and that I would leave my family home and make my way in the city. I snuck out of the house to see Ace every chance possible and soon we realized that we were in love. He asked me to move in with him, but without a job, I could not support myself. Ace offered to take care of me, but we were not lovers, so I felt strange about accepting his hospitality. He may have been older and more experienced than I, but he was a gentleman and never pressed the issue. He seemed content with just kissing and petting; yet we both often left each other's company feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.
A week later, I saw an ad in the paper for a modeling job, so I answered it and made an appointment. Maybe, I reasoned, if Ace saw me as beautiful, then maybe others would to. The photographer was very excited to see me and asked me to remove my clothes. I did so without hesitation as I was neither shy or a prude. He began to take pictures of me and when I spread my legs, he gasped! He couldn't believe I was a virgin! But he confirmed it and then he offered me a lot of money to pose for him. It was just what I needed to be able to support myself living with Ace, so I agreed. My photo shoot lasted several hours and I often caught the photographer blushing and then I noticed his obvious arousal. When we finished, he paid me and then told me that if I would agree to lose my virginity on camera to one of his porn stars, he would pay me much more money.
I thought on this for a few days and I was torn between the intense need I had to be financially independent from Ace and my love for Ace. I wanted my first time to be special and while Ace was experienced, I really wanted Ace to be the one to take my innocence. But I needed the money and then I came up with a plan.
I called the photographer and asked him how much he would pay me to lose my innocence with my boyfriend instead of his porn star. He agreed to pay me the same and he would pay Ace what he would have paid the actor. When Ace arrived home that evening, I excitedly told him what I had done and asked him to take my innocence on camera. He readily agreed and we were on location later that week ready to shoot.
The photographer gave us a little storyline to follow, but outside of his guidance, we had free choice over what was to happen.
We began in the indoor pool. It was the first time I had seen Ace completely naked. His cock was beautiful, hard and mottled with veins that stood out like a roadmap to pleasure. It was pointed towards me as if it were seeking my virgin pussy that would welcome it home. And then I saw, right on his left hip, the tattoo that marked him as "Ace". I fell in love with him all over again. His tattoo was sweet and badass at the same time; all Ace. All Mine.
We frolicked in the water some and became familiar with each other's nakedness. He would grab hold of me and pull me to him and I would feel his cock pressing against my entrance, but I pulled back as I was afraid. Finally he swam to the steps and pulled me against him. I could feel his manhood against my butt, but it was his kisses and calm voice assuring me that he would be careful that put me at ease.
Outside of the pool he licked my innocent pussy until I could feel the liquid draining down my thighs along with the rivulets of water as my body dried off and my core began to heat up. Now was the time to show my innocence and while Ace held my pussy lips wide open and the photographer filmed evidence of my virginity, I could feel the dew collecting around my bare lips. Once again, I caught the blush of the photographer and the evidence of his arousal, too and I felt a certain amount of pride that I could elicit such a reaction from a man. I no longer felt outcast or deformed, I felt loved by Ace and appreciated for my teen body by the photographer.
Ace, stood me up and had me face the wall, we were the perfect fit for him to take me from behind without stress or awkward positioning. He positioned the head of his cock at my entrance and gave a little push that hurt. I could feel the head pulse with each heartbeat as he rubbed it from the beginning of my slit, all the way to my back hole. I feared he was going to take my virgin ass, so I tensed a little, and he felt it. It was as if he could read my mind, but he calmed me as he whispered little assurances into my ears.
Distracted by his words and the featherlike kisses to my neck and shoulders I almost didn't feel him pushing as he breached my hymen. As his strong, hard dick tore through my innocence, I felt its heat and its presence burn through me like a wildfire. He stilled for a moment and then pushed himself even farther in as I screamed out both in pain and in pleasure and without pause, he continued his assault on my pussy, relentless, hard and unforgiving and soon that bite of pain turned into pleasure so raw; so eternal; so encompassing that everything else faded away; the photographer; the camera; the location and all that was left was blinding passion and love spiraling out of control until my orgasm snuck up and consumed us both in a cocoon of brilliant white light and multi-colored stars.
We continued to make love in just about every position known to man and when we finished our day of filming, we were both spent and exhausted, but I felt safe and loved and cherished and was happy not just for the money, but that I could still earn the money and give my innocence to the man I loved.
I have modeled several times for this same photographer and even lost my anal virginity on film with my boyfriend again. You can view the entire film (43 minutes) of losing my innocence, all my pictures and the video of me losing my anal virginity right here.

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Rita Mochalkina

Hi, my name is Rita. I live in Moscow and I just turned 18. Today was a big day for me! It was not only the day someone saw me completely naked for the first time but I also got a huge proposal that could change my life. But first things first!
Unlike other girls dreaming of boyfriends and sex, I grew up with the ambition of traveling around the world. Every day as I travelled to and from school, I would see gorgeous tourists roaming around. This fascinated me. They behaved with gay abundance, giggling, taking pictures and always dressed in beautiful clothes. I was the only child at home and both my parents were working. As I was alone at home very often, I asked my parents for a camera. Soon I got quite a reputation for myself as a photographer. Taking my cycle, I would go to the tourist spots, taking random pictures. My group of five friends came around to pose for me and sometimes we would go to Red Square and start posing, taking pictures of each other. We had great fun. It was only when I was 16 that I realized I looked good in photographs myself... Read more >>>

Rita Ulyanova

I grew up in a very poor section of Moscow. The fair weather lasted too long and the winters lasted even longer. We were always cold; always hungry; always in need of something.
Both of my parents worked very hard and still we suffered from great want.
While we didn't have much, our lives were full of love and great passion. For entertainment we made up stories at night in the dark of our apartment because we could not always afford electricity. My mother was creative with scraps she would scrounge for that others had thrown away and we ate with great relish for the feast she would prepare.
My mother was brilliant and she taught me how to read and while we could not afford instruments, she taught me everything she knew about the beauty of music. My father was also brilliant and he taught me of math and science.
If it weren't so apparent of our great wants and needs, I probably would never have thought us to be poor, but there were great differences between me and the other children at school and the older I got, the more painful our poverty became.
So, when I read about the woman who sold her virginity... Read more >>> at an online auction for about 7500 Euros, I knew I had found a way to support my family and pull us out from under such extreme poverty.
I enlisted the help of a classmate who had a computer and set myself to find this auction where I could sell my virginity. I wasn't able to find the auction site, but I did find an ad for a photographer who I could sell my virgin photos and he would pay extra to film the loss of my virginity. I was desperate so I contacted him and thanks to a loan from my friend, I found myself on a bus headed for Budapest, Hungary.
The travel gave me time to think upon my choice and by the time I had arrived at the studio, I had decided that this one time payment would help, but it would not remove us from such poverty. There were not a lot of opportunities for girls like me but if I could become a porn star, then I could provide for my family. I did not harbor any fantasy that my parents would be proud of my career choice, but I knew that they had such a hard life and they took such good care of me, that it was time that I take on their burden.
I was upfront with the producer and the photographer about my desire to become a porn star and he assured me that he would do everything in his power to make my dream come true.
The photographer took many pictures of me and then some solo videos. He processed them immediately and then sent them over to a modeling agency who was willing to sign me right away. But first we needed to film an audition tape showing me having sex with a man. The man would be Thomas Stone, a famous Hungarian Porn Star and he would take my virginity for the camera.
I was very nervous. I had no experience with boys or men for that matter and here I was to allow a famous man who fucked women for money to take my innocence.
When I met him, he was very kind. He gently caressed my skin and while the photographer was setting the lighting, he would steal a kiss here and touch me a little bit there and by the time we were ready to shoot the loss of my innocence, I was breathless with desire for him.
His brown eyes speared me with his heated gaze as he began the process that would lead to the destruction of my virgin pussy and perhaps even more. His caress was gentle, but I could feel the heat pour off his body. He tasted of mint and smelled of spice and tobacco and as his hands and mouth moved closer to my virgin pussy lips, I could hear him sniff my arousal and I saw his eyes go wide with pleasure.
He used his fingers in concert with his mouth to pull back the skin that covered my little nub and his strong tongue darted out to taste me. I felt tingles mixed with a little pain as his fingers worked faster and his tongue delved deeper and then the tingles coalesced into one giant ache that took my breathe away as I shattered and the muscles of my teen pussy quaked in response.
He spun me around and without giving me a chance to breathe, he began again rubbing my nub with his fingers as he spread the wetness from my front all the way to the tiny pucker of my ass. He bit one butt cheek and then the next and then his tongue was upon that forbidden hole, flicking into me and back and forth as he spread my juices even farther into my ass. He could sense me tense and then just as quickly, he turned me back and set me down on the chaise.
He unbuttoned his jeans and slowly revealed his massive cock to me. I could see his pulse running through the taught veins that covered the surface and as I watched in astonishment as it grew even larger and even harder than before. I tentatively reached for his cock and when I placed my hand around it, I heard his breath catch as it twitched in my hand. Tenderly, I took him in my mouth, careful not to scrape my teeth against the sensitive skin, and sucked, gently at first and then with more vigor as I heard him moan at the pleasure I was giving him. Neither of us spoke the other's language, but we understood each other's bodies completely.
I felt him twitch more frequently in my mouth and his moans became louder. I may have been a virgin, but I had paid attention in biology class and I knew he must be getting close. I reluctantly released him from my grasp and I immediately felt the loss of his manhood from my mouth. It was as if my tongue no longer had use and my mouth was cooler from the absence of his heat.
He gently pulled me up into what I would come to learn was the doggy pose and while I could sense his desire to enter me with a single strong thrust, he took great care to prepare me for his entrance. As he rubbed my lips with the large head of his cock, every once in a while he would stop and press against my hymen and when the pain would register in my voice through tiny gasps, he'd pull back and rub me again. each pause he would press a little harder and each press would cause another gasp to escape until those gasps became frantic moans as my heat was desperate to be filled with his.
With one final press, he pulled me onto his cock as his firm head tore at my virgin hymen and I yelped in pain. His hand was quick to caress my back as he pulled me toward him and whispered in my ears what I felt to be words of comfort. He held me still as my tight pussy began to loosen around him and soon he began to thrust, slowly at first and then faster as our bodies began to move in concert, reaching for our own orgasms, as his cock searched for that pleasure button located in the depths of my body and as my pussy began to convulse around him, milking his cock, his moans of pleasure ringing strong in my ears and, well, and you will just have to watch my video to see what happened next.
I am a porn star now. I work hard and I have been able to pull my family from the great poverty in which we lived for so long. I don't regret a single decision I made and am thankful for the strong start defloration.com and Thomas Stone gave me!

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Nara Mongolka

Most girls don’t know what they want to be. But I am not any other girl. I am hot. I am sizzling. I am bold. I have always wanted to be a model from ever since I was a little girl. But not just any model… I want to be the most erotic model… I want to be a porn star! I am 18 years old, a virgin but ready to turn your world upside down… are YOU ready for me?
My name is Nara Mongolka and I come from Sochi, a beautiful seaside resort in Russia. Ever since I was a small child, I would run down to the beach as soon as school was over or in the morning after breakfast on weekends. My mother was the waitress in one of the restaurants near a beach. The owner, Alexei, was a distant relation of ours. My father had run away immediately after he knew my mom was pregnant and I do not know who he is or was... Read more >>>
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Anna Derevjanko

Hello, Before I get too into my story, I want to thank all of you who have watched my video at defloration.com and for your support of this site. I am indebted to both Tommy and the producer and photographer at defloration.com for taking my virginity and providing me with a sound foundation for my career in the adult entertainment industry.
I am now 22 years old and it has been an adventurous four years since Tommy took my virginity and I've had the extreme pleasure of working with Tommy again. He is a very, very nice man and even though most of our work is scripted,he manages to make the fuck amazing... Read more >>>
It wasn't like I had planned to become an adult film star. I thought when I was about 15, that I might want to be a model. Or even a regular actress. I enjoyed participating in school plays and when I was 14, I began developing into the woman I am today. I had always had a naturally slim figure because I was active in dance and enjoyed playing in the out doors instead of sitting at home watching the television or reading, though I did like to read romance novels that I hid between my mattress from my mother. I fantasized about all those strong and virile men taking my virginity and claiming me as their own and that led to many self masturbation sessions as I grew older and by the time I was close to 18, I knew that I wanted to be at least an erotic model, if not an actress. After all, if I wanted to be a mainstream model or actress, I would have to move to Hollywood, USA and that was simply out of the question.
I knew if I were to become an erotic model or adult actress, I would need to lose my virginity and having no boyfriend at the moment, my options seemed quite limited save my buying a large dildo and shoving it up my pussy and tearing the hymen myself. But, having read so many romance novels, I wanted it to be special and something memorable and so I set out to find a resource for my defloration. I'd heard rumors at school of a very handsome man who was a professional at taking a girl's virginity and that you could get paid quite nicely for allowing them to film it. I contacted the producer, we met and I signed a contract and so, I returned, quite nervously a short time later, just after my 18th birthday. The producer was so nice and gave me so much helpful advice including setting me up with an agency that I still work with today.
When I met Tommy, I was a little bit intimidated. He was a very large man, with these huge hands that when laced together, could completely encircle my tiny body. He was so tall, much taller than most of the boys I knew and he was fit and muscular, but not freakish.
We began with our still shots and my goodness did he have a humongous cock! It was straight and thick and veiny and I was not only surprised to see it but I was also aroused by it. I couldn't see how he was going to get that thing in my pussy, but my pussy got wet and let me know it was willing to try! At that point, I didn't care how big it was, I just wanted to have that cock in my pussy! His eyes widened a bit in surprise and I think he could tell that I was aroused, anyhow, his surprise turned dark to a look of what my favorite authors would call lust and I loved that look on him. His big brown eyes were warm to begin with, but when they turned dark, you could see the flecks of gold surrounding his pupils turn to waves of dancing flames. That look and his scent of spice and a cigar perhaps along with the scent of his arousal was intoxicating. And I couldn't wait for him to take my virgin pussy in hand and to fuck me.
We both were ready to get down to this defloration and neither of us needed much foreplay. I was as hot for him as it seemed he was for me. Before I knew it, he was trying to breach my hymen and it hurt like fucking hell when he finally broke through, all the way to the point his dick was becoming well acquainted with my womb. I had no idea that a cock like that would fit in me and reach to very most deep part of my pussy. And I loved it! The pain became a searing heat, warming my pussy and setting my insides on fire. He then began to move, slowly and gently at first, but I pushed back towards him and met him thrust for thrust as we met our rhythm and began to move as one.
We switched positions and I rode him in the cowgirl position. In this manner I was in control and I loved the feeling that I had as my pussy rode his cock up and down and there were so many emotions going through my head and I began to feel my impending orgasm. I felt my toes begin to curl as all the muscles in my lower body began to tighten and clench and it became more difficult for Tommy's cock to move freely in my clenching pussy and then it was upon me and as I threw my head back and moaned in ecstasy I saw blinding white light with scattered blue and red stars as my pussy caught on fire. I felt my pussy pull against him even tighter and he was frustratingly trying to pull his cock from my pussy so he could release his hot sperm on my backside. His heat was incredible and yet, I was disappointed that he did not come in me, I soon craved the feeling of his heat coating my inner walls instead of cooling on my ass. But as I have learned the cum shot is more important than my desires.
Holy Shit! That was amazing! My first time was nothing I could have possibly imagined and certainly far more satisfying than any romance novelist could have prepared for me. Lucky for me, I ended up at the same agency that represented Tommy and I've had the opportunity, no make that the incredible pleasure of being fucked by him again in front of the cameras.
I certainly didn't grow up dreaming of being an erotic actress, but everything and everyone I've worked with has been amazing. I am a very, very lucky girl that Tommy was my first and that I have the opportunity to work with him again.
I really am grateful to defloration.com, its producer and photographer and of course, to Tommy, for making my entree video into the business such a wonderful and magical experience. So, now that you know my story, visit me here at defloration.com to watch my video and see how the story unfolds. I know you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Greta Polack

When Greta came to our studio for the first time, she definitely refused to lose her virginity before our camera but later she agreed to make it with her boyfriend and we've managed to shoot an amasing defloration video. We recommended him to take a Viagra pill but he refused it. And he managed to do a great job even without Viagra! Enjoy great hardcore photos and HD video! You can download it right now! Her untouched innocent pussy will blow your mind...

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Little Ferguson - The virgin

...It was a hot summer day and she was wearing a short skirt with no panties. She was in her parents apartment and was on her hands and knees washing the kitchen floor. She was alone with her fat boyfriend. She was shocked when he suddenly jumped on her back and held her with his hands. She tried to get him off but he was very strong and growled at her. Then she felt something wet and hot poking at her pussy. She wiggled her ass to stop him and then she felt it slip into her anus. He started pumping her very fast. As she told me the story, she blushed and admitted to me that it was a pleasant feeling. She knew what he was doing, because she had already seen this on video. After a minute she felt something hot squirt inside her. After her boyfriend got off of her, she stayed in that position for a few minutes while he licked her pussy. As a result of this shocking experience, she remained a virgin until now. She is OK now and was very willing to lose her virginity before my camera.

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Kleine Punci - I've sold my virginity

She came to us only 2 days past her 18th birthday. As I slowly parted her legs I saw her plump virgin pussy lips. She shivered with fear and excitement from the touch of my hands on her inner thighs. She had never let a boy see or touch her virgin pussy. I carefully parted her pink lips and saw her intact hymen. I had to suppress my strong desire to use a finger or my tongue between her lips to bring her to a climax. The thought of her losing her virginity had so strongly aroused this inexperienced girl that I knew that she could not resist me, but we had signed a contract...

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Anastasia Seymour

She came to our studio just after turning 18. She agreed to pose in the nude for us, and do a solo video where she showed us her hymen, proving her virginity. Then we convinced her to lose her virginity to our professional actor, Tommy.
Below you can see the screenshots from the video.
Tommy slowly and gently spread her legs and was the first man to see her hymen.
We decided to take her virginity with her in the doggy position. From our experience, this is the best position for her defloration. It is less painful for the girl, and more pleasant for the man.

Anastasia was fascinated by watching Tommy ejaculate. Today was the first day of this virgin's sexual life, and we captured it all on video. You can download the full length video right now.

A comment from our member:

Anastasia is a "classic" beauty. She has a beautiful face. She should be a model. I believe that in your conversation, she talked about modeling. Her breasts are perfect. Her legs are perfect. I made some screen grabs and included them. They are similar to the still photos you posted.
The "story" that you told with both videos is excellent. The continuity is great. It was a love story and very emotional and erotic. It was the best that you have done so far.
I am very surprised how quickly she learned about how to suck his penis so fast. And the way she moved while sitting on him was very erotic. I loved it. I loved every second of it.
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Rebecca Brown

Hi, my name is Rebecca Brown and until just a few days ago, I was a virgin. I have wanted to be a porn actress since I saw my first porn video three years ago at my schoolmate's house.
There were four of us girls hanging out after classes and enjoying the beers we had snuck from the refrigerator. We all became a little bit drunk and we started playing some sexy games. One of the girls had found a stash of her brother's porn DVDs, so we put one on the television, tuned the lights down low and began to watch. It was The Defloration of Tamara Uromy.
It was so fucking hot! My panties flooded with heat watching as the actor Tommy began to caress and pet her breasts and I marveled at how her breasts responded by swelling and the nipples becoming hard and I so wanted to feel what she was experiencing, so i began to pull and tug at my breasts and the sensation was exciting and forbidden. As the video progressed, I could hear the quiet moans of my schoolmates and looked around to see them all playing with their tits and when Tommy began to finger her and rub out her first orgasm, we all followed along. By the time the video was over, some had orgasmed, but I had not. The feeling was too strange and foreign and my feelings scared me. We also checked with mirrors to make sure we were all still... Read more >>>virgins.
I came away from that video with one desire and one desire only and that was to be a porn star too , like Tommy, so one day, he would fuck me like he did the virgin in the movie. From that point until I turned 18, I became obsessed with Tommy and watched every clip I could find, over and over. I masturbated to them many times, but still I could not give over to the strange way it felt when I would tug at my nipples or finger my pussy. My girlfriends talked constantly about orgasms and of boyfriends and of losing their virginity, but I remained true to my dream of having Tommy take my virginity.
The day of my 18th birthday dawned bright and early with my family waking me up with lots of hugs and presents and I'm sure they thought my excitement had to do with my birthday, but really it was for my excitement of being of age to become a porn star and lose my virginity to Tommy. That afternoon, I went to the biggest erotic modeling agency in Budapest and applied for an agent to represent me.
They had me take off my clothes in front of the agent and then a photographer started taking pictures of me. I did not like being nude in front of these strange men and they had me bend over and spread my ass cheeks and then they brought the camera so close to my pussy and then they touched my pussy lips and one man even fingered me and then spread lube on my lips "to make them fresh and dewy" he said.
Then another man came in, dropped his pants and told me to suck on his dick. I thought I did not want to do this. I wanted Tommy. My mind was so confused as I quickly dressed and started to yell at these men. They were so confused at my attitude. And I was so confused at them wanting me to do things without pay. They finally discovered my secret, that I was a virgin. But instead of sending me packing, they sent me to defloration.com for my photos and defloration.
The photographer at defloration.com, was kind and gentle with me. He took amazing pictures of me. He made me feel beautiful and sexy and when the time came for my virginity to be taken, I was ready and excited to meet Tommy. But Tommy wasn't available to do this for me. Yes, I was disappointed, but had heard and seen Renato, so the switch was okay for me.
I was very nervous, with my palms sweating and my heart racing, but I would soon loose my virginity to a porn star and be on my way to becoming one. I was looking forward to all the movies and money I would make and being able to leave my home and become independent.
But, I was unprepared for the feelings that my body would have. Renato was gentle and respectful, but I fought him and my feelings all the way. I refused to give into the pleasure my body was feeling and I was so ashamed that I could not look at him. I stubbornly refused to allow my orgasm to happen and I clamped down on his hot and way too large cock as he stroked in and out of my pussy. This was not what I had expected and fantasized all these years! I was even sure at some point that if this is what it meant to be a porn star, I wanted no part of it.
I spend so much time of my defloration thinking in my head and fighting the feelings of my body, that I had an unexpected orgasm as Renato stroked faster and faster, hitting my clit with the base of his penis harder and harder until we both came, in indescribable pleasure as he pumped his seed into me starting another orgasm to build in me with the final thrusts of his cock. I was shocked that I had given myself over to the pleasure I had tried so hard to deny myself and Renato, and shocked that the moment he pulled away from me I wanted him again.
I went home that evening, disappointed and yearning for another chance with Renato. I had not expected to hear from producer again, but in a few days he called and asked me to come back. I've made more videos for defloration.com and photographs, too. You can see everything by becoming a member today.
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Anna Lukina.

Hello, my name is Anna and I lost my virginity to Renato at defloration.com. Before meeting Renato I was a virgin in every sense of the word. I had never had a man kiss me before, I had never felt a man's hands on my body before and I had never experienced so much pleasure in the span of an hour as I did with Renato.
I come from a small town in Russia. Everything there is stuck in the past; from the clothes, to the music to antiquated traditions, we have no sights on the future, we are mired in the days of old. We see no reason to change and we expect others to change to our way of thinking or they are easily outcast.
I grew up in this town, accepting of the past and never wanting to change anything until I found a romance novel in the library. It was hidden I am sure to keep from impressionable eyes, but my eyes found it and the picture of the very large man with a flowing mane of hair on the cover with eyes of green and hair of spun gold. A young woman in a beautiful flowing dress was held tightly in his arms and her eyes held untold tales of passion. The cover drew me in and as I began to read of the scandalous behavior, I knew that I would have to continue to hide the book in the library and return often to continue to read it, had I taken it home, I would have been punished for my transgressions. I learned of love and sex in that book and of being free to choose who you fall in love with. I learned of sex outside of marriage and of passion I did not see in any of our citizens. In my heart, I wanted everything these people were free to have and I was no longer content to the future that was laid out in the past by my family... Read more >>>
I had heard through whispered gossip of the services of defloration.com and I anonymously sent them an e-mail from a fake address at the library. I needed for them to make me not a virgin anymore and I needed to sell them my virginity so that I could afford to travel to the studios and to be able to escape my fate once I returned home as a woman and no longer a virgin.
You see, when I was 16, my hand in marriage was made to a friend of my father's. He was as old as my father and even uglier. He was short and had a large stomach. His face and balding head were always oily and he looked upon me as if he were a starving man. He smelled of too much cheap cologne and his breath smelled of cheap tobacco and booze. His breath was hot and his body gave off a suffocating heat. I was made to sit with him at many meals and at church as he made great efforts to clasp my hand with his sweaty palms. He nauseated me and the closer I got to becoming 18, the worse his offenses became and the more I dreaded my birthday. One evening at dinner, he announced to everyone his plans on taking my virginity and how wonderful it shall be that no man had ever touched me except for him. I blushed scarlet at such a frank discussion in front of my family and when he announced that he would like to take my ass before I turned 18 and we wed, I knew I had to do something to escape this horrible fate.
But while being humiliated that night, I learned one thing, that it was my virginity that made me a prize and I was determined to remove that prize so that I would be free of this arranged marriage and free to live and love how I wanted. So, I made arrangements to arrive at the studios just a few days after my 18th birthday and to let a professional porn star take what mattered most to that vile man.
On my 18th birthday, my parents threw a big party for me and my intended husband. Much alcohol was consumed and several men accosted me and tried to take my virginity. They were interrupted by my best girlfriends who knew of my plan and I was spared the humiliation of being raped on my birthday. The next day I was on the bus headed for Budapest and the taking of my virginity.
I was very nervous at first, I had been told how much it would hurt, especially with a big dick, but the pain was of little consequence to what my future held if I returned to my village a virgin. The photographer spoke Russian and he served as an interpreter between Renato and me. He made me feel very comfortable by explaining everything that would happen to me. He told me that I had the power, that even though I had signed a contract and money had been forwarded to me for my trip, that I could say stop at any time and it would be over.
When I met Renato, he was glorious perfection. I could not imagine that such a handsome man would want to fuck me. So, I became even more nervous. He gentled me with his beautiful voice and his warm eyes. He caressed me with fingers as gentle as an angel's wings as he began to introduce me to great pleasure. So many emotions were swirling in my brain as my body began to register these new and foreign sensations and at times they became so intense, that I had to stop and let myself process them before we could move on.
I had hoped he would have a small dick and when I saw the size of his, my eyes grew wide and my mouth dropped in sheer fright. But Renato assured me that his dick was not so big and that it would fit in my innocent pussy.
When he impaled himself on me, I cried out in shock from the pain. He dared not move and then soon, my body began to adjust to his entrance and soon, I was feeling nothing but pleasure as he took me in many different positions. At one point, we took a slight breather from fucking and he taught me how to suck him. I tasted my juices on him and at first I wasn't sure about that, but when I began to taste him, mixed with my essence, I became intoxicated with lust and everything from that point on changed. I was empowered and bolded. I was not only giving pleasure to this man, my body was taking it from him. Each orgasm grew larger and more potent until the time when we came together and the earth not only moved, the cosmos shifted on its axis and I ceased to be and Renato ceased to be and we became one.
I never wanted to leave Budapest and return home after that experience. My little village held nothing more for me, save heartache and imprisonment in a place that refused to embrace the future.
But now, I had sold my virginity. I was no longer an asset to my father's friend and no longer welcomed in my family because of my betrayal. Funny how they never saw that marrying me off to an old man that I did not love or want to marry was not a betrayal of me.
It no longer mattered. I was free. I had some starting money from selling my virginity and I was on my way to a life lived for me. I had been liberated from a future of heartache and boredom and now, I live a better life. It isn't always easy, but it is always better.
Thank you Renato and defloration.com for everything!
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Sun Huj v Chaj - Meet our first virgin from Asia.

She asked us not to mention where she lived. She is a very beautiful and polite teen aged girl. This is her first time posing before the camera in the nude. We are sure that you will love seeing her unshaven pubic hair. It has been a year since we photographed her and she is still a virgin. Sorry guys, she said that she is waiting until she meets the man that she will marry. Sign up now to download her beautiful HQ pictures and HD video from our members' section. Like our other virgins, she was shot exclusively for our website.
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Anna Netrebko.

I am Anna and I am a ballerina in Prague. I have been studying dance since I was two years old. I can remember playing dress up i my mother's tutu's as she was a ballerina too and her mother before her. My mother would affix her tutu to my little body and turn the phonograph on with classical dance music. At first, we moved together through the music and danced as one. As I got older, she began to teach me barre exercises and we practiced them over and over until they were perfect. When I was five, she began to teach me the steps of famous ballet pieces she had performed and by the time I was seven, my bones and my muscles became strong enough so that I could dance en pointe. I then began to have formal teachers and my father worked extra jobs and my mother took in laundry to clean for the rich people in town to afford my lessons.
I ate, breathed and slept ballet. No opportunity was left unturned and my parent's sacrifice was all for me to become a prima ballerina with the conservatory. At 11, I left my family home and entered formal study. Since then, my life has been hard study, both in academics as well as dance. I had no time for friends or boy... Read more >>> friends or the fun things I have read about that other teens so freely do.
I had just returned back to Prague from celebrating my 18th birthday with my parents. It was good to see them again and I miss my mother and our times dancing together. My life is all about perfecting my craft now and as serious I must be about my craft, I have allowed myself one indulgence and that is to secretly attend a gymnastics class with some of my classmates.
When we entered the gymnasium last month, the conductress was excited and gathered all us girls around. She first dismissed everyone who was not 18. When the room had cleared, there were just a few of us left. Then she had us all stand in a line and asked us to remove all extra clothing. We were all puzzled and spoke in hushed whispers as to what was going to be done with us. Were we too old? Not fit enough? Had it been found out that we were ballerinas from the conservatory and would be dismissed from our one indulgence?
The conductress continued her eliminations until there were just a few of us left. She then gathered us around and explained that a very famous Russian photographer was coming to film us going our routines and practice. She said it would be very good money, but we would be nude. I blushed at the thought of a strange man seeing me naked as well as performing naked with my classmates. This was something new and strange to me as I had never seen anyone naked before and no one save my mother when I was a little child had seen me naked. We had to make our choice to participate immediately and some girls declined, but the money was so tempting. It was significant for my station and would make for a good savings for me and no one would know of my shame and what I did for money.
The studio was closed to the public that day and the few of us willing to do this arrived together, huddled more for protection than to keep the chill out of the cold studio. We were given thin robes and sent to stations where men and women would do our hair and makeup. At one point, they had each of us remove our robes and our skin was thoroughly checked for blemishes or marks and if something would show on camera, then it would be covered up with makeup. It was the first time my body had been scrutinized by a male and my breasts grew taught from the cold or from his featherlike touch, I did not know.
Finished with our hair and makeup, we entered the room and were instructed to begin with some warm-ups. There were special lights and cameras all around the studio and a man was down on his haunches in the corner of the room adjusting the lens on a camera as we all began to stretch. As I bent over to loosen my leg muscles, I felt a cold draft of air blow across my pussy and the sensation startled me and excited me.
I continued to work and when I turned around, the photographer had stood and was approaching us. I was rooted to the spot. I had never seen such a creature before. He was tall, but not imposing. He was strong and fit, but not intimidating. But it was the way he moved that had me entranced. His movements were sure and practiced and it was with a certain leonine grace that he moved through the studio, like a lion sure of his place in the pride and like a hunter sure of his prey.
The camera he held had to be heavy, but he hoisted it as if it weighed nothing. And his hands, fluid in their movement, his fingers long and graceful as if he were playing a Stradivarius as he positioned his camera and moved another girl into position.
I was transfixed.
He approached me and gently stroked my hair behind my ear and spoke to me. His voice was as fluid as his movements, etched with concern and care and smooth as the finest cognac; warm and assuring. I blushed at what he was saying to me though neither of us spoke the language of the others. But it was his eyes that spoke to me, brown and warm like melted chocolate with flames of gold dancing around the black of his iris.
I blushed again for what reason, I did not know, but as I began my routine, he followed me. His eyes would often connect with mine and as we continued, the camera disappeared and it was just the two of us moving through space and time and I lost all inhibition.
I did a split, then rolled my body onto my back, keeping my legs wide open. My trimmed pussy hair was glistening and as the cool air blew across my wet lips, a bolt of electricity blew through me, tightening my nipples. I heard him gasp and his eyes burned with a look I had not seen before. His eyes tantalized me and I felt heat rush from my blushing face straight to my drenched pussy. This I did not understand, I was confused and ashamed, though I knew not why.
Soon, the exercise was over and the photographer began to pack up his equipment. The other girls returned to get dressed, but I stayed in the corner watching him, the thin robe I wore barely covering my heated body.
He motioned for my conductress, who was able to translate what he was saying to me. He wanted to confirm that I was a virgin and I assured him that I was, but my word was not enough. He had me spread my legs and then he spread my pussy lips wide. His touch was hot and burning, yet gentle and welcome. My conductress explained that he wanted to do a private session with me and that I would be paid an obscene amount of money. To be honest, the money would secure my future outside of the conservatory, but it was my curiosity of the man that led me to say yes.
The next day, I returned to the studio and more lights and cameras were set up and after my hair and makeup had been done, I put on my leg warmers and a dance skirt, but the rest of me was naked. The photographer approached me, almost hesitantly, and as he gently placed a wayward curl behind my ear I heard him whisper that I was beautiful, so beautiful in English and that I understood. He motioned for me to dance but first I needed to warm up. Somehow he communicated to me that he wanted to see my pussy and and I became emboldened by his fascination with it. His movements were different that day interrupted by his having to adjust his trousers. Curious, I looked upon him and saw movement in his pants and I was curious as to what was there. He caught me looking at him and he blushed a bright scarlet red, but the look in his eyes drew me into him.
He motioned that he wanted me to stroke my pussy by taking my hand and rubbing my fingers across my wet curls, but I recoiled in horror! My eyes grew wide and fearful and I began to sob. He did my best to comfort me and pulled me into his lap and it was then I knew what it was in his pants, it was his arousal for me. I scampered away from him and flew to the window to get the air I desperately needed to breathe and as I threw open the windows I did not care that I was naked or that it was cold, the emotions warring inside of me burning me to the core.
This is what my mother had spent years warning me about; the evils of sex and the dirty minds of men who thought only with their penis. I needed to leave, to escape this certain death and to clear my mind, though what my body was feeling about these sensations and this man was in direct conflict with what I had been taught. I knew he wanted me to bring myself to an orgasm for him and for his camera, but did he not understand that an orgasm would be a certain death for me because I was a virgin and because I had been taught of the evils of men and their selfish desires that would ruin me?
As I ran from the room, desperately trying to escape these uncertain feelings, I looked back. I shouldn't have looked back, but I did. I saw the hurt and sadness in his eyes from my reaction to him and felt compelled to go to him and my desire to comfort him and ease his sadness was greater than my fear of certain death. I ran my finger from his furrowed brow to his firm red lips and I gave him a kiss on the corner of his mouth. I pulled back away from him and took one last look at his eyes as he let me go.
I barely took the time to get completely dressed as I flew from the building and threw myself into the first doorway I could find, my heart beating fast against my chest as the tears began to fall. Had my fears cost me greatly? What horrible things he must think of me, spoiled and immature? I found out the following week when I received my pay as promised and a kind note from him, written in my native language. I spent a week thinking of his proposition and in a short time, you will be able to view my response.
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Dunya Konoplya

Our latest virgin is a pretty country girl with long light brown hair. She was quite pleasant to work with, but she did not know how to pose for the camera. She came to our studio, still a virgin so we had to take her. When I took off her panties, I saw the red blush on her cheeks. She was very shy and awkward, but let me do what I wanted. I spread her pussy lips and became the first man to see the small hole in her hymen. My dick got hard and I was filled with lust.
I wanted to test her sexual response. I probed her entrance with my tongue, lightly licking her cherry. She shivered with excitement and I could not stop myself. I licked harder and probed deeper with my tongue, but not tearing anything. She groaned and grabbed my head, lifting her pussy to give me better access. Within two minutes she came... it was incredible.
Let me tell you a little secret. She has already happily lost her virginity with our actor Tommy. During her first sexual intercourse with him she came four times! You will see this on our High Definition Video!
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Nicole Birdman.

Hi, my name is Nicole Birdman and I am living my dream of being an erotic model. My virginity is quite prized in modeling, and I've done well to keep it; but to be honest, I almost lost my prized innocence in the days before I shot the video for defloration.com.
I may be a virgin, but I am no innocent. I like to watch porn at night before I go to bed and I masturbate regularly. I read erotic romance novels and I dream of the alpha male characters taking me roughly and fucking the living daylights out of me. As I pass by boys and men on the street, I assign them massive cocks and pass the time by imagining them breaching my virgin pussy. For a virgin, I am certainly most horny!... Read more >>>
I have a vibrator that I hide under my mattress and if I weren't so afraid of breaking my hymen, I'd have a gigantic thrusting dildo, too. But my most favorite place to masturbate, is the shower. I love how the hot water slides down my body and slides off my legs and puddles on the floor. I love how slippery my shower gel makes my skin as I rub my hands all over my body and my nipples begin to pebble as I imagine a handsome man paying my body the same attention.
I spend extra care when cleaning my shaved pussy, my hands glide through my folds and it begins to tingle deep in my belly and my hand automatically rises to pinch and roll my nipples between my fingers. As both of my hands are busy making love to my body, I build my dream man in my mind. He is tall, dark and very handsome. His eyes are a caramel color and are deep and filled with lust for my teenage virgin body. His strong arms pull me close to him and his cock lands heavily between my breasts. I envision the droplets of pre-cum spilling off his cock onto my chest and as I pull my breasts together, I imagine him rubbing his cock between my breasts until his breathing becomes erratic and his seed explodes from him in long streams of pure white. I imagine his salty and sweet taste as I lick him clean and soon, from my hands alone, I am coming.
My knees are weak as I lean against the wall of the shower, but I am not done. I adjust the nozzle on the shower head to a thick pulsating stream and I aim it right at my virgin pussy. I dial up the massage strength as far as it will go and I seat myself on the shower floor. I aim the pulsating stream direct to my clit and as my orgasm begins to build, I imagine the large cock of my lover pounding into me over and over. I move the nozzle back and forth, ever so often grazing my asshole and soon my legs are quaking with the strength of my orgasm as I envision fireworks exploding in my brain. As I lay boneless propped against the shower wall, the warm water soothes me as I come down from my orgasm.
Soon, I am dried off and dressed and ready for bed. That is when I watch videos from my porn collection. I favor Thomas Stone, Renato and Sabby, they all come close to my ideal lover and with the help of my hidden vibrator, I come again and again until my aching clit is finally satisfied and sleep envelops me as I dream of lovers and rough and carnal sex. I end everyday with a shower and many orgasms and I look forward to the day that I do lose my precious innocence and give in to the wonderful passion and orgasms that real vaginal penetration shall bring as well as giving up my ass to whomever desires it.
Until recently, I was alone in my fantasies. But a few weeks before I posed for my solo video, I discovered that I wasn't alone. I'd had a feeling of being watched for a while, but I just chalked that up to my vivid fantasies. I should have trusted my instincts, because I did have a visitor, and interloper to my fantasies, my very own older brother.
My brother is six years older than I am, a real man. He works hard and he is very handsome. But he has been watching me. I wasn't sure how I felt about that at first, I was confused, this was not acceptable or was it? I have read books about stepbrothers and other taboo sex stories, but while being tales of forbidden sex, they were rather titillating. I started inserting my brother into the pictures of my imaginary lovers and my fantasy hotness quotient doubled.
With my fantasies fueling my actions, I began to play to him while I masturbated. Perhaps he thought I was performing for an imaginary audience, but in truth, he became my only audience. The more I knew he was watching, the more I masturbated. The more I masturbated the more he watched. And the bolder we both became. At first, he spied upon me through a small crack in the door, but eventually, the crack widened as his boldness grew. Soon, I could tell that he was stroking his cock and within days, I caught my first sight of his cock as he stroked himself through the ever widening crack in the door. He was long and very thick. There was a roadmap of veins covering its heft and I imagined what pleasure those ripples would bring to my pussy. I watched as he stroked himself from base to tip, swirling his hand around the tip before making its return trip back down its considerable length. The more he stroked, the larger he became and when I imagined him to be fully erect, his own hand barely was able to contain its girth. This went on for several days until in great boldness I called his name as I came in the shower.
His hand dropped from his beautiful cock and I motioned him into the bathroom. He hesitated at first, then checked to make sure there were no witnesses to his perversion and entered the shower with me. He came into the shower and pulled close to me and in his movement, as in my fantasies, his cock landed heavily against my chest and snuggled into the cleft between my breasts. I felt the intense heat that rolled off of him and I relished in the sweet fragrance that his arousal made. Our eyes locked upon each others and we stared into the depths of our souls as our hands roamed all over each other's bodies.
His hands clasped my pussy and his deft fingers drew lazy circles around my clit and when he tried to breach my virgin pussy with his thick fingers, I pulled back and shook my head. He understood and pulled me back close again continuing his onslaught on my most sensitive parts, taking care to show my peach hole attention as I showed it with the shower head. The fact that while he had been watching, he'd been paying attention blew my mind as I instinctively pushed my breasts together and he began to thrust between them.
Soon, I began to feel the tell-tale signs of my impending orgasm and I threw my head back as his name escaped my mouth on a whisper. He was still circling my clit as I slowly came down from my first real orgasm and as his thrusts through my breasts became more erratic, he stilled quickly and as he swore, great streams of cum flew all over my breasts and covered them most spectacularly, just as I had fantasized. As I liked myself clean and enjoyed the taste of my brother, he pulled me even closer and my mouth watered at the thought of taking his pulsing head into my mouth.
When we finally parted, we were flush with the aftermath of our orgasms and our embarrassment at our uncontrolled passion. So far, this has happened only once, but the memories of our shower together are now the cornerstone of my fantasies. I no longer have to dream up a book boyfriend for my masturbation sessions, though I still watch my porn, but the reality of a man taking me to orgasmic heights as I pleasure him equally is far superior to any written fantasy that I could ever imagine.
I still must keep my innocence as it is a priceless commodity for me and I hope to secure my future with my virginity. When I can no longer profit from my purity, then I shall sell my virginity, perhaps to Tommy Stone and his producer, but I know that when that is done, my brother will be most willing to serve as the reality of future fantasies.
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Lenochka Chernova

Hey there, I am Lenochka Chernova from Penza region of Russia. I grew up wild and free in this beautiful region that is beautiful but very boring!!! You may have by now seen my pictures. Am I not beautiful? I love my body, love my tits and my tight virgin cunt. This was my birthday gift to myself when I turned 18. Will you believe me when I tell you I am so shy I stammer when I meet new people? No? Well, it’s true. Come, read my story…
My father is a peasant who is also an alcoholic. My mother works at a local bar. I am the eldest daughter and have to look after my two younger sisters, both of them too studious for their own good. My mother sleeps late as she returns home after midnight sometimes. Breakfast is therefore my duty. Bloody Hell, I hate getting up early to make breakfast but I do it as I hate getting boxed by my father even more. I have had my ears boxed so many times it isn’t funny. One time he dragged me out of the house without any clothes on, while I tried to cover my boobs and pussy with my hands. Why? Because I was getting dressed too slow. And my mother? She either does not hear or see anything... Read more >>>
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My name is Anna.
I am a virgin. I study in Paris, France. I’ve just turned 18. I voluntarily agreed that the moment of loosing my virginity will be photographed and videotaped. I am not a model and this the first time I am getting undressed before the camera. Maybe, it is stupid that I agreed but I need some money... Read more >>>
You wouldn’t believe it. She was laughing like mad when I was spreading her pussy lips to see her hymen and it was happening every time I touched her pussy. What a cheery girl! Or maybe she was so nervous that had to hide it laughing? She told me she was staying in her father’s truck very often, going for long trips with him. Her father is a trucker. Once she woke up (she had a special sleeping berth behind the seats), and heard some gasps and moans. The blinds were drawn and her father was sure she was sleeping, as it was a late night after all. Through a small hole in the blinds Anna saw a terrible sight. She saw a woman bouncing her ass up and down some thick sausage which was between her father’s legs. Petrified she could hardly move and continued watching that woman willingly impaling herself on that thick hard sausage. After a moment she realized it was her father’s cock. She was totally shocked by that sight, still couldn’t take her eyes off. She said it was the first time she felt her pussy was soaked and very hot. It was also the fist time she learned the basics of masturbation. She told us she was very ashamed, but she dreamt that she also impaled herself on her father’s thick dick… She was very jealous of him. Here the virgin’s story ends, but you can see her right now on our website!
She will insert a tampon through her hymen, slowly and gently! But the most arousing and astounding moment was when her hymen yielded slowly to the pressure of her dildo and finally broke off, coloring swollen over-aroused vagina with purple blood.
We videotaped and photographed all this for you!
Watch it right now! Act of defloration!
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Nicollet had read an advertisement I had placed in a local paper and one day, she just showed up at our studios. Normally, a girl will contact me through e-mail, send me some pictures and we will carry on an e-mail conversation that may result in her as a featured virgin on our site. Sometimes we get referrals from adult entertainment agents about girls who want to get into the porn industry and since they are virgins, the agency sends them to me for possible inclusion on our site. A girl has to start somewhere when she wants to become a porn star and since being a virgin is not something a girl can remain on her quest to become a star, we get first crack at their virginity. I'm sure you've recognized some of your favorite porn girls who have go on to become HUGE porn stars. Defloration.com is the best place to get started and I am sure you will agree, the ONLY place to get started... Read more >>>
So, back in the early days of our studios, the girls usually deflowered themselves with a dildo I had provided (a new one for each girl, of course) while I filmed them. One day I was working on editing a video when the front door bell rang. I had no appointments that day, so I was curious as to who was ringing my bell. I peeked through the window and before me stood a young girl, nervously looking back and forth, obviously wondering if anyone would see her standing on our doorstep and immediately know why she was there. So, I quickly opened the door and ushered her into the safety of my studio, away from prying eyes.
She was beautiful and had the most gorgeous skin and natural blush I had ever seen. Her shoulder length hair glistened with health and vitality and she wore lipgloss as if her lips were kissed by the dew of a spring morning. She was, exquisite and my cock was paying close attention. I quickly hid my tightening and tenting pants behind my desk and we began our conversation. We did not speak each other's native language, and our knowledge of English was rudimentary at best, but I gathered that she had read a local ad and was responding to the ad. She confessed that she was a virgin, and if there every was an innocent woman, she was it. In fact, she did not appear to be of legal age, 18. And she seemed to be concerned with being under 18 as well. As much as it pained me to do so, I told her we could not work together until she was 18 and that if she were still a virgin at that time, to return to my studio and I would love to film her losing her virginity for my camera. As much as my cock would have loved to see her naked at that very moment, he is as respectful as I am, and disappointed as it was, I simply could not agree to do pictures of any sort until she turned 18.
As I explained before, our communication was a little difficult because neither of us spoke each other's language and we both had limited proficiency in English. While I was trying to get an idea as to when she would turn 18, she kept giving me different dates. I kept repeating my questions about her birthday and even though I re-phrased the same question, her answers kept changing. Frustrated I asked to see her ID and it was then I discovered that not only was she 18, but she had been 18 for two weeks! My cock took quick notice of that fact and when I told her we could film that very day, her eyes began to sparkle and glow and the bigger she smiled, the larger my cock became.
As I stepped out from behind the desk, she immediately noticed the tent in my pants and with a gleam to her smile, she dropped her head slightly and licked her lips. I could already envision her soft, wet lips around my cock as she sucked me to oblivion. Oh! I do love my virgins!
Normally, I would have called in a make-up artist to do her hair and makeup, but Nicollet was a natural beauty and she really needed nothing in the way of makeup and she had nicely styled her own hair and as she passed by me to make her way to the filming set, I could smell a faint whiff of gardenia and roses, nothing overpowering, but just enough to make my dick even harder. This was definitely going to be a most difficult shoot trying to keep my cock in check while doing her photos the justice they and she deserved.
The first part of the shooting went well. We were becoming more comfortable with each other and she was getting used to the camera and slowly removing her clothes and it was just so natural and easy that soon, we were conversing about other things like her friends, her activities and her dreams for her future. Most girls come to me for the money, another set of girls come to me to get into the adult entertainment business and another set come to me so that they will have a special record of one of the most important events in a girl's life, the loss of her virginity.
At the point where we were to begin filming her masturbation scene and defloration scene, I handed her a large dildo, full of veins and one with a good heft and thickness. While I couldn't very well do the job on my own while filming her, she did deserve a nicely sized replica of a cock and I pulled out my very best dildo for her use.
She was cautious in taking it from me. She looked it over, ran her hands over the thick veins, felt its weight and a broad smile came over her face. She began to play with it and I grabbed my camera to catch every second of what was to become. She was masturbating herself and the passion etched on her face was more than enough for me and being the man I am, my cock had a mind of its own and had started dancing in my pants. This girl was going to be the death of me!
After a while I told her it was time for her to push that dildo in and lose her virginity. Her eyes grew wide as it was obviously fun for her to play with the toy, but shoving that thing up her pussy, well, that was another thing entirely. But, even though she was glistening wet all over her shaved pussy, she tried to insert the dildo, but stopped short at the first sign of any pain.
After a few minutes, she was reduced to tears. I didn't understand why she was crying so hard and I tried my best to comfort her but she was unconsolable. I tried my best to convey to her that it was okay, that I would still pay her for her time and for her showing my camera her virgin pussy, but even that did not appease her. I tried my best to communicate with her, but the more I tried, the harder she cried. And she was beautiful when she cried. Christ! She was just beautiful. I wanted to pull her close, love on her and take her virginity myself so that her first experience would be the very best, but I am a professional and no matter what ideas my dick has with regards to my virgins, I remain chaste with all of them.
Eventually, her sobbing began to slow and those irritating hiccups a girl gets from breathing too fast had set in. She was trying to dry her eyes while the hiccups continued and finally they slowed down enough for her to begin to explain why she was so upset.
It turned out that she had come to me not to be a porn star, not for the money and definitely not for a memento of the loss of her virginity. No, she came to me to lose her virginity because she and her two best girlfriends had made a pact that by the time that week was over, all three of them would no longer be virgins. The other two girls had already met their goal, one with her boyfriend and the other with a random guy; for as beautiful as Nicollet was, she was too shy to be able to get a boy to have sex with her in the time frame to meet her end of the pact. And that was how she ended up on my doorstep.
I still didn't understand why she was so upset. She was here in my studio, she still had a few days to finish her pact and in her hand was the proud dildo who would take her virginity. I failed to see the problem at first, but then I discovered that it wasn't anything more serious than she just could not bring herself to cause herself the pain of inserting that dildo. Even though I would have much rather taken her virginity with my eager dick, I told her that I would take care of the situation and insert the dildo myself.
I sent her off to the bathroom to compose herself and clean herself up and while she was doing that, I was busy lighting the room and setting the camera on my tripod for the best view. That's a lot of equipment to get ready and when she emerged from the bathroom, the twinkle had returned to her eyes and she blushed when she saw that my erection was just as magnificent as ever. She laid back down and took the dildo from my hands and began to masturbate as before.
Soon her pussy was gleaming and dripping and as she handed over the dildo, she communicated to me with her eyes that she trusted me in that moment to take her virginity and that I would do my best not to hurt her.
As I began to rub the dildo up and down her virgin pussy lips, I stopped and started to insert the dildo into her virgin pussy. When I confirmed her pussy, I knew that it would be tight, but I wasn't prepared for exactly how tight Nicollet was. She was tighter to get into than the White House. I kept trying though, even taking a break and adding some lube would not get that dildo to even stretch her maiden hood much less break through it. I was starting to get exacerbated with my failure that I even grabbed that dildo with both hands and I pushed with all my might and still couldn't get her hymen to break to let the dildo in to tear through her virginal membrane.
After what seemed like forever, I finally got that dildo into her tight little pussy and her pussy complied with my camera and provided some nice blood shots and a great view of her tight and glistening pussy lips. I had never worked so hard in my life to get that girl deflowered and I didn't even get to use my then complaining dick.
Nicollet lost her virginity just in time to make her pact deadline, I got some amazing pictures and video that you can still see today in our 2002 archive. Defloration Studios has done many more defloration videos since then and will continue to bring you more exciting defloration videos than ever as we continue to grow, but Nicollet remains to me a virgin that I had the pleasure of deflowering, even though my dick didn't get to do the job. She's a nice memory for me and I hope as you watch her video and view her pictures that she will be a nice memory for you.
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Mirella Csikis

Hello, My name is Mirella and I am just 18. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a model. I would dress up in my mother's gowns and pretend I was in a beauty pageant, complete with flowers I had picked from the garden and a tiara that was once part of a child's costume. I pictured in my mind walking down that runway to take my award. I perfected that pageant walk and that pageant wave and of course, I was most talented at blowing kisses to my adoring fans. Read more >>>
As I entered my early teen years, I watched as Kylie Jenner began her modeling career and her Kardashian sisters as they shook the fashion world off its axis with their progressive and provocative fashion line. I devoured any magazine that featured Kim Kardashian and copied some of her designs as I made replica's of her fashions on my grandmother's sewing machine. I copied Kylie Jenner's makeup and grew my hair to be long and silky like hers. Now, it almost reaches my ass and to take care of it takes hours of dedication every week, but it is worth it as I consider it my crowning glory.
When I was 17, I auditioned for a modeling agency and was accepted as a client. My dream was to become a Kardashian, well, a Hungarian version of a Kardashian. But i wanted the fame and attention that was lavished on them by their adoring fans, myself included.
As soon as I turned 18, my agent told me that I could make a lot of money by posing nude. I had never posed nude before, well, not really, but for the last year, I have spent warm summer evening splayed out on my bed, in full naked display for the pleasure of my neighbor and for the fantasy of myself.
The neighbor next door is a young business man. I first caught his eye as he caught mine, while I was sunbathing in my yard and he was working in his yard. He caught my eye when he stripped off his shirt soaked with sweat to reveal a finely toned abdomen with a seriously cut "V" that led to a happy trail of hair pointing the way to his cock that created quite the bulge in his shorts that almost poked out of the hem around his fit and toned legs.
His skin glistened with sweat and his hair had lightened from time spent in the sun. His skin almost glowed from its time in the sun and without realizing it, I was staring at him, licking my lips and the thought of what he could do to me with that package in his pants. He caught me starting at him as he lazily looked me over from top to toe and back up again, resting his eyes on my breasts.
Our eyes finally met and his eyes were giant pools of green emeralds that reflected the rays of the sun. As our eyes locked on each other, I sat up straight in my chair and reached behind me as I leisurely unfastened my bikini top and removed it so he could feast his eyes on my perky, upturned, firm and full breasts. At first I thought I was quite imagining things, but that impressive bulge in his shorts became even more impressive as it thickened and grew in length until the head of his cock poked out from the hem of his shorts and I could see the droplets of pre-cum form at the bulbous head of his cock and glisten in the sun.
I suppose I should have been ashamed, stripping for my neighbor and enjoying the sight of his growing cock in broad daylight. But I wasn't. I was aroused and I felt myself getting wet. He grasped the head of his cock which had poked even further out from the hem of his shorts and rubbed those glistening drops around its head which was expanding (as if that was even possible) and becoming red and angry looking. My eyes never left his body and seeing nobody else around, I shimmied out of my bikini bottoms so that I was completely naked and I started to rub my clit. At first I rubbed slowly and as my neighbor dropped his shorts to the ground and made known to me just exactly how impressive his erection had become, I felt my shaved pussy lips start to swell and my fingers began to pick up speed as my wetness grew and I began to moan. At this point, I cared nothing for the possibility of being caught. My pussy was throbbing at the sight of him stroking his cock and I imagined how it would feel to have something that large in my virgin pussy. Our moans became louder as we chased our releases and at almost the same moment, we both climaxed, his cock shooting out long streams of cum as I threw my head back and practically screamed my orgasm.
As I brought my head back down, my neighbor casually picked up his shorts and shirt and strode back into his home as if nothing had just occurred, much less the hardest and longest orgasm I'd had since I discovered my nub of pleasure several years earlier.
I didn't see him again for a few days until late one hot summer's evening. I had returned from a party with friends and I was hot and sticky from a night of dancing. I took my shower, wrapped a towel around me to dry and I walked into my darkened bedroom. As I opened the window, I noticed a small light in the window of my neighbor's home. I'd never noticed it before, but the windows of my bedroom looked out across the windows of my bedroom. He caught me staring at him through our open windows and he stopped short and dropped the towel from around his waist. He was still slightly wet from his shower and as I watched his cock grow as he stared at me, I dropped my towel. We stood there transfixed for a few moments and then, just as in the garden, he began to stroke himself as I began to stroke myself and as he reached his orgasm, this time, his cum flew out the window into the yard and I could smell the scent of sex and of him hanging in the milk breeze of that hot summer night.
Since then, we have had many mutual masturbation escapades at night from our beds that look over each other. We have never spoken and yet, we continue to pleasure each other without the touch of the other. When the weather turns cold, our windows remain closed, but I'm sure I can hear him growl his release each night as I release my orgasm.
My agent sent me out for my first nude assignment last week. I was introduced to the photographer who was insistent with my agent and me that I must be a virgin or I would not be suitable for the job. I was no virgin to my orgasm and I had never had my mouth on a man or a boy and no one had ever touched me, so , while my dirty mind was no longer a virgin, my pussy was and that was all that mattered.
I was a little nervous at first, in fact, aside from my display of my body to my neighbor, posing nude was a little scary at first. Then, the photographer asked me about my fantasies and then offered me more money to masturbate for him on camera. That was easy. I'd been masturbating for my neighbor for almost a year by now, certainly I could replicate my fantasy for his camera! I laid down on the bed and began to think of my neighbor and soon my pussy was dripping and I feared that I would drench the bed as my orgasm took over and I cried out in pleasure.
When I was done, I excused myself to the bathroom to clean myself up and while I was wiping my wet and swollen pussy, I felt the beginning of a new orgasm and I could not resist, so while sitting on the toilet, I made myself come again. I'm sure the photographer heard me as when I returned to the set, he had a cuter blush on his face. He knew exactly what I was doing in there!
As I dressed to return home, he told me how I could make even more money by selling him my virginity. He mentioned Thomas Stone and as any young girl in Hungary, I knew exactly who he was talking about. Who wouldn't want their virginity to be taken by Thomas Stone! So, I eagerly agreed and returned home to my neighbor and our mutual orgasms until the day, Thomas Stone would take my virginity.
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Marfa Piroshka

My name is Marfa and I was a virgin. But, here’s the thing; I’m married. Yes, married. And, yes, still a virgin. At my 18 birthday party there was a lot of drinking. My father had invited some of his friends as well as many of my friends. We had good food, good music, lots of dancing and my friends were very generous with their gifts to me. The party lasted many hours and it seemed as if every man at the party wanted to get into my pants. Read more >>>
]They would kiss me and grab my ass or they would kiss me and then pull my large form breasts out of my dress to kiss them or to play with my nipples. By the early morning hours, I was tired of all these games the men were playing and even though it was my party, I left it to go outside and swing on the tire that was hanging from the old tree in our backyard. I spent a lifetime playing on this tire dreaming of growing up and what my future would be like.
I was so lost in my head that I did not notice the large man that had come up behind me. I recognized him as one of my father’s friends. Like my father, he was a trucker and spent many long hours on the road away from his family.
This man was quite large, perhaps at least 6 and one half feet. But he was also quite rotund with thick fingers and a large belly from drinking too much beer. There was hair all over him and his hair was long and unkempt just like his beard. I found him disgusting.
My father arrived soon after and I was thankful for his intrusion, this large unknown man was staring to creep me out his stare was so intense. My father was not there to save me, as it turns out my father was there to announce to me that I would be marrying this friend of his.
I gasped in shock at my father’s declaration as he made it very clear that all the arrangements had been made and as soon as the magistrate’s office opened in the morning, we would be married. My father’s word was law and I had no choice but to go through with this marriage.
Our marriage ceremony was unremarkable. Simple and efficient and soon I was a married woman to a fat, overbearing lecherous man who made my skin crawl. My father treated us to breakfast and I was forced to sit next to my new husband who I came to discover was 30 years my senior. His breath reeked of garlic and stale booze and he smelled of something vile. My stomach turned at the thought of becoming intimate with this man and the disdain must have been evident as my father made a snide remark to me insinuating that I should be grateful that his friend was willing to take me on as his wife.
In school, i was quite popular and while the opportunities for young women in Russia are limited to being married and breeding stock for Russian children and well, nothing. Many of my friends were already married, most, almost immediately after turning 18 and to older men who were willing to make a wife and release the girl’s father from any further responsibility. Some girls were fortunate to marry handsome and successful men, others like me were forced into servitude disguised as a maraige.
I spoke only when spoken to that day. It wasn’t as much me being a compliant bride, but it was more from that I didn’t have anything to say; well I didn’t have anything nice to say and as my husband and my father continued to stuff their faces with food, there was nothing more that I would have liked to have done but run away as fast as I could screaming of bloody murder!
Soon, they began to drink and I was slowly dying of boredom. That monster would grab my breast and palm it in his hand while grunting vile words to my father. My father did nothing but laugh at me. The more they drank, the worse their behavior became but at least it was postponing my wedding night which I would gladly have avoided as long as possible. But it appeared that my life was cursed and their talk took towards lewd looks and gestures as my father bid me well and warned me to behave with my new husband.
We went to what would be my new home. My husband was repulsive enough to begin with; his home mirrored the filth that surrounded his body. It would take a gallon of petrol and a match or two to make that hovel livable, but planning the cleanup was at least partially distracting from my new husband tearing my clothes off until I was naked and throwing me on our marital bed which I quite imagined had never been changed. He threw himself on top of me and forced my legs apart. He growled in drunken approval and grabbed my breast pulling my nipple into his mouth before shoving his fat, dirty fingers into my pussy. I thought I was going to be sick, he so repulsed me and the pain from his clumsy fingers trying to do God knows what to me was increasing and then as quickly as he had begun his onslaught, he stopped. And then I recognized that he had passed out cold on top of me, his weight crushing me into the mattress. I don’t know how long it took me to extricate myself from underneath him, but I finally freed myself and covered in sweat and the stench of him, I took a shower being extra gentle of my bruised and bleeding pussy. My life was fucked. I slept that night on the couch and when the monster woke up, it earned me a slap across my face for daring to not sleep with him. I got the full on lecture as to my place i the home and how I was there to serve him. He pulled me roughly to him and kissed me hard, the smell of his breath making me retch in revulsion. That earned me another hand across my face and as the tears began to flow, he hit me once again just for good measure. He made it quite clear that he was my master and I was his slave; the problem was he was not some incredibly sexy Dom and I was no submissive like in the romance novels I loved to escape to. My new husband informed me that he was leaving me for three weeks and that our home would need to be spotless and he would expect a well cooked meal waiting for him upon his return. He left immediately, he left me alone and left me with no money. I would have to figure out how I was going to survive with no money, no job and no family support and I had three weeks to do so.
I called my girlfriend and she came over with a good bottle of wine. We drank ourselves silly and as we both complained about our marriages, we turned to watch some porn. We first went to xvideos to see what was out there and we saw some previews for defloration.com. The lead actor was very handsome and nicely equipped. We signed up for a membership and we began to watch the videos of girls losing their virginity to a porn star. My friend joked that it was too bad we weren’t still virgins as we could both use a fat paycheck.
I fell silent at her joke and she picked up on my silence. “What?” she hissed, “he didn’t fuck you last night?” Breathless I explained that he fingered me, but fell asleep before we could consummate our marriage. My girlfriend shrieked in excitement and before I knew it, I was flat on my back on the couch, my legs spread wide and my panties were pulled to the side! I tried to protest and push her off of me, but she would not be deterred from her task. I was still a virgin, my hymen was intact. Sure, there were some cuts on my pussy lips, but she was sure that I qualified as a virgin and she immediately sent off an email to defloratioin.com offering my services as a virgin.
The next morning I woke up to a flurry of activity as my girlfriend had heard back from the producer, she’d sent him a photo of me and we were booked on the first flight out to Budapest in just a few short hours. We were on our way to Budapest, to sell my virginity to the camera and to get fucked by a real man, not the poor excuse I had for a husband who had abandoned me without money or resources. This was going to be interesting.
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Alesya Gagarina

When the lights went on and the camera started filming, everything seemed to disappear. It was nothing short of magical.
Here I was, ready to be deflowered by this extremely handsome man. I knew he was quite a bit older than I, but his heart, it was his heart that beat young. I could tell from his warm eyes that he revered this occasion in my life as if he respected the task I had accepted. My heart continued to war with my senses knowing that this was the only option I had to save my family. I could not return to my home a failure, yet for me to lose my virginity in this manner was a personal failure. My parents would not approve of what I was going to do. My heart beat fast, partially from Tommy’s heated gaze and partially from the sacrifice that I was to make.
Tommy began with light touches and shy kisses. These were unexpected little treats like a chocolate after a celebratory meal. Read more >>>
His warm tongue seemed to melt against my skin and I felt a stirring deep in my core that was not unwelcome, but was very different than what I had expected.
His brown eyes locked onto mine and it was as if he knew my darkest secrets. Flecks of gold began to sparkle in his eyes as he gave me a shy, yet knowing smile. And then he pulled me to his lips and kissed me. I had not expected kisses. I don’t really know what I expected. Other than he was going to fuck me. I expected pain and I expected that he would not take the time that a lover would. I was resigned to this; it would be quick and over before I knew it, a bad memory to be covered by the freedom from stress that the ever increasing medical bills were causing my family. I would shoot this scene and then be back on my way home, to never speak of this shame I would bring upon my family.
He kissed me again, this time prying my lips apart with his tongue. And then he kissed me again, pulling me closer and kissing me with more passion than I had ever expected from him or any other lover I might have in the future. And then, I tasted him. He tasted of caramel and fine tobacco, and of some unknown spice and soon our tongues began a dance that I felt tear through my body all the way down to my toes and back up again. The more we kissed, the more passion grew between us. There was electricity flowing through our bodies and where we touched it erupted into sparks that lit flames in my body I had no idea existed.
My breath was becoming ragged and I felt myself becoming damp, and worried that perhaps I had peed myself from sheer nervousness or fright. He broke our kiss and looked me dead in the eyes and I saw his lids lower partway as he took a breath and then he pulled me to his mouth again and soon we became a tangle of body parts and tongues and my head started spinning and I felt as if I were to pass out. “Stop!” I yelled. Sergey had told me that I could stop if I did not feel well and I was not feeling well at all. It was difficult to breathe and my skin was hyperaware with every touch he made on my body; my heart was beating erratically and I was afraid that I would die of combustion.
True to his word, Tommy stopped. Sergey stopped the cameras and gave me a break. I sat down on my heels and tried to calmly drink some water, but Tommy did not stop with the gentle touches or the stolen kisses. He kept constant contact with me, either through touch or through a gentle kiss. His touches and kisses were not unwelcome, they calmed me and while the feelings I was experiencing were confusing, Tommy calmed me. I really wished I had brought my mother with me. At least I would have someone I could talk to, someone who would understand me, but that could not be since I was here, in Budapest, all alone, to sell my virginity.
It took me 10 minutes to calm down enough to continue on. Tommy laid me gently back on the bed, adjusting my dress for my comfort and tucking a wayward strand of hair behind my ear. We could not communicate as we did not speak the same language, but his eyes continued to be warm and welcoming and again he calmed me.
He languidly drug his hand up and down the outside of my leg and then raised my dress so he could see my shaven pussy. He broke into a smile and he adjusted himself in his pants. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his hardness grow and elongate and I became anxious to see what his cock would look like. I’d never seen one up close, only on the TV. I wondered what it would feel like and how it would feel against my skin, but Tommy was focusing his activities on my pleasure. He started to kiss my stomach and my hands shot up reflexively to push him away, but he persisted until her reached the top of my pussy. He inhaled deeply and he could smell my arousal! I was so embarrassed, but it seemed to please him and he continued. He spread my legs wide and set to licking my tender and rapidly swelling pussy lips. Is this what happened?
Were my lips supposed to swell like this? Was I too wet? So many questions were swirling through my brain and as I would start to think, it would hit me like a Cobra strikes at its victim what I was doing and my heart would stop and I would freeze in terror. But then Tommy would grab my hand and rub small circles on it with his thumb and he murmured against my pussy and the vibration his deep voice made as he softly spoke shot new jolts of electricity through my body and my body relaxed again ready to accept the pleasure Tommy was bringing to my body.
Soon, Tommy was licking and sucking me as if he were trying to draw my soul out of my body through that small hole in my hymen and the harder he sucked and the faster his tongue vibrated against my nub of pleasure the dizzier I became and when I felt his tongue enter my virgin pussy, my back arched off the bed and I was sure that I would pass out and die from such pleasure, so again, I yelled “Stop!” and again Tommy stopped, his eyes wide with the fear of the possibility that he had hurt me. Again, all these emotions and sensations were swirling through my brain and my heart and I could not breathe. I also feared that I was disappointing the producer and I thought he might become so frustrated with me that he would send me home without completing my contract.
But that was not the case. Sergey tried to convince me that these were normal feelings of pleasure, but I could not see it possible that there should be so many sensations and feelings associated with a sexual act. After all, if it were this pleasurable for everyone, people would gladly spend their days fucking and not working, right? And then the thought of how much pleasure he was bringing to me was not the normal and was something wrong with me because I felt so much pleasure?
Sergey decided that Tommy should not try to pleasure me for a while, to give my head and my heart a chance to catch up and that I should try to pleasure Tommy through Oral Sex.I blushed deeply at the humiliation I was anticipating by putting Tommy’s member into my mouth. Certainly, oral sex was the trick of prostitutes and the guise of whores hiding in dark corners hoping to earn enough money to purchase some alcohol or illegal drugs, was it not? But Sergey said that by learning to pleasure Tommy with my mouth was a normal thing and that it would make his erection stronger which would make my defloration easier.
Tommy unbuckled his belt and popped open a few buttons at the top of his jeans and when he pulled down his jeans, this gigantic pink hose popped up and into my face. Certainly, my red face was so apparent and I could barely imagine fitting that thing into my mouth, much less into that minuscule hole that Sergey told me was my hymen. I was hesitant to take it in hand, so Tommy gathered my hands in his and helped me to rub his cock in a way that would please him and giving me the confidence I needed to explore his “member” as Sergey called it.
Tommy’s cock was not quite what I expected it to be, though to be honest, I am really not sure what I had expected it to be. It was very hot and very heavy in my tiny hands. His balls gave off even more heat and as I rolled them around in my hands, I noticed that the hotter they grew, the heavier they grew.
I knew from biology class that his sperm was located in the balls and I giggled a little as I imagined his body loading his balls with the sperm he would release when he had an orgasm. His cock was very, very hard and very long and very thick. My mother always exclaimed how long and delicate my fingers were, but I was unable to wrap a single hand around his cock. It was also very smooth and the skin was very soft, almost as if it were covered by the fine fuzz one finds on a fresh peach. His cock was lined with veins and I could feel the beat of his heart through them. When I put it in my mouth, a tiny bit of sperm escaped through the tiny hole at the end and as I tasted it, I inhaled and got a whiff of the musky scent that must be the scent of his arousal. At first I crinkled my nose as the smell, yet as I continued to work his cock in and out of my mouth, I noticed that my mouth began to water and began to lubricate his cock and the more my mouth watered, the more of his scent I wanted to inhale. And the more I sucked and licked, the more sperm he released into my mouth, drop by delicious drop, salty, sweet and earthy like an expensive mushroom that all the gourmands talk about. Just telling this to Franchesca as she listens to me go on about my experience has my mouth watering again for the taste of Tommy.
And there is more to tell, much more, but Franchesca needs to leave now and I need to return to my hotel room and soon, I shall be back with more of my story because this is not the regular virgin secrets that you are used to being told. My story is much more different than the others and so much more detailed, that we simply must continue in another day. You have seen my solo video and soon I shall finish my story and you shall be ready to view my defloration video, so come back soon, because the story does not end with my defloration video and I cannot wait to share with you what happened next.
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Mirelle Gathieu

Hello. My name is Mirelle and I am the latest girl to lose her virginity to Tommy Stone and the cameras at Defloration.com. By now, I'm sure you've seen the video and read all about it from Tommy's point of view, and I've tried to be silent, but his description came no where near the accuracy of what really took place and I have to tell you the truth, the whole truth; every last single second that incredible cock of his was in my pussy.
All my friends know about Tommy and his incredible skill at deflowering virgins Read more >>>. It is difficult to be anywhere in Eastern Europe and not know of The Virgin Whisperer. Quite simply, Thomas Stone and his magnificent cock are what legends are made of and the reality of him, it does not disappoint.
I had been planning since I had first seen one of his Defloration videos that he would take my virginity. I was nothing short of obsessed over Tommy taking my virginity; it was what I desired, what I dreamt for and what I planned for.
I watched every single video I could get my hands on and thank to my older brother's subscription to the site Defloration.com I had full and complete access to every virgin Tommy had ever taken. And, the second I turned 18, I contacted the producer and told him I was willing to sell my virginity to the cameras. I did not mention my obsession with Tommy for fear that he would have assigned me to Renato or another Tudor in the stable. For me, it was Tommy or nothing.
I don't know what I would have done had the producer rejected me, or perhaps discovered that Tommy was my plan after all; but I kept positive thoughts going, I was always prompt in answering correspondence and attending meetings. I flirted appropriately with the producer and before I knew it, I was signing paperwork and was scheduled to lose my virginity to Tommy, the following week.
All was going to plan and I went to bed every night, rubbing one out to thoughts of Tommy Stone's hard, throbbing cock breaking through my tight virgin pussy and masking me a woman. That is until the day before. The day before was a beautiful day in Budapest; warm, but beautiful. I woke up and laid there for a few moments as I eagerly recounted in my mind what tomorrow would bring. I'd planned this Defloration for almost 2 years; my mind hanging on every word and every movement that Tommy had made as he deflowered countless virgins. I'd spent two years dreaming of how his cock would fit in my pussy and how it would feel to have an orgasm under his expert hand. I wondered how hot his cock would feel in my body and how it would feel as he reached his orgasm. And, I shot out of my bed and barely made it to the toilet before I tossed the contents of my stomach. As I breathed rapidly, trying to prevent further emptying of my stomach, I wiped my hand up over my head, smoothing my hair down onto my sweaty brow and shook from the breeze coming across my sweaty body. The day I had planned for;th day I had waited for was finally here and I was fucking scared! I've always been brave and bold, daring even. But now, reality was crashing all around me and I suddenly realized the enormity of losing my virginity to Tommy Stone; The Virgin Whisperer.
As I let the water from the shower sluice over my body my hands followed its root towards the drain over my nipples and down further to my pussy. My fingers pinched my nipples and rolled them until they were hard and pebbled and the lazy ache between my legs began to burn and demand its release as I continued to pleasure myself. I pictured Tommy in my head and the familiar tightening of my pussy started clenching, seeking Tommy's missing cock, and I came hard against the edge of the shower. I was just barely sated, the fantasy of Tommy's cock was barely hitting the target the closer it came to my Defloration. But one thing was for certain; I was no longer afraid or nervous, I was ready.
I showed up that morning wearing my tightest white jeans and the sexiest thong I owned. I entered the shooting location with great confidence, met with the photographer, took my top off and let my boobs fly free. The slight breeze and the sight of Tommy off to the side, set me on edge and my nipples reacted and began to pearl to their hard points. I confidently strode over to Tommy to introduce myself and when I took his hand in mine to shake it in greeting, I felt the thrum of his essence pass from him to me and all my confidence disappeared and I was rendered speechless. I was suddenly aware of my nakedness and became very, very shy and mute, not at all like the saucy confidante ready to give her virginity over to her dream star. In fact, about the only thing I was capable of doing was flipping the producer the bird as I signed over the paperwork just before we started filming.
The start of things barely registered on my consciousness. I was aware of Tommy's kisses and how his hands felt on my body; his fingers were warm and his skin was soft, but at the same time was rugged as if he did his own work around the house. When he finally revealed that majestic cock of his; the object of my long term lust and affection, I wasn't quite sure what I expected. It was hard, hot and his heart beat through the veins that added dimension to it. The heft of it was a surprise. I'd blown a couple of boys in school, even the most virginal of girls had, but I'd never felt or held a cock so heavy in my hands before. And the skin was the softest skin I'd ever felt making my baby brother's bottom seem like sandpaper. I was entranced by it all and intimidated by it all as I slowly put that wide, lush head of it in my mouth. I could feel the beat of his heart as it pulsed against my tongue and my mouth began to water and his cum began to seep. My nose was right there where I could smell his masculinity and that smell combined with his cologne shot desperate need to my pussy and I couldn't wait any longer to have him inside of me and I guess the feeling was mutual because he could no longer wait to be balls deep in my hot, tight, virginal pussy.
He convinced me that doggy style was the best way to accomplish the task at hand and in retrospect, it was. It just burned like a mother----ER! Shit, I was not expecting that! Yes, I've seen the girls cry in the videos, but honestly, I could not see how it could possibly HURT THAT MUCH! But it did; he ore right through that membrane and then he stopped and allowed me to have a moment to adjust to his size. While he held still, I could feel my pussy expand and form around his cock. I was aware of how very full I felt, as if there was no room in my pussy for anything, much less a condom. How those girls do DP was beyond me at that moment!
Soon, he pulled out and showed my newly destroyed hymen and my pussy filled with cool air. I didn't like the empty feeling, I wanted him back in my pussy and I wanted to feel the heat of his cock as it slid back and forth seeking it orgasm and bringing me to mine. It was still a little painful as he began to pound into me; but every stroke, every hit of his pubic bone against mine took away pain and began to infuse my body with the most pleasurable of sensations, far more pleasure than I had ever brought to myself. And then we changed positions and within a few strokes, I could feel the change and any pain or discomfort that I had been feeling was completely gone and it was all about pleasure for both Tommy and I. His cock slid in and out of me and each thrust showed me how silky his cock was. I could feel his heat as the sides of his cock slid against the walls of my pussy. I could feel as his head touched against my cervix which set off fireworks of pleasure that coated my pussy. I could feel his cock as it would jump in my pussy and I could tell he was getting close; hell, my pussy was getting close, clenching and unclenching against his cock and then I felt it, the beginning of an orgasm unlike anything I had ever felt before and as my body let go and climbed that mountain of pleasure, he pulled out and blew his sperm clear across the lounge and onto my shoulder. I'd never seen Tommy spray his baby butter so far before! And he was quite taken aback by the power of his orgasm. My pussy was still quaking with pleasure while I inspected the remnants of his pleasure and the camera's stopped rolling; leaving Tommy and I to bask, alone in our orgasms. I never knew it could be this good, or I might not have waited until I turned 18; but if I had, it would not have been Tommy who brought me such pleasure.
Our session was over now. Unless I went into the business, there would not be any more Tommy for me; I'd just have to find some special boys in my neighborhood because, now that I have lost my virginity, I am going to take every opportunity to have sex again. I loved everything we did. Including when Tommy popped his thumb into my asshole. OMFG! That was a fucking incredible sensation; I felt full, very full and it was the most erotic and yet luxurious all at the same time; my nerve endings were firing at rates I could not comprehend and that I did not want to stop. So, sadly, for now, those feelings make me desirous of finding out just how very good they can be and maybe, just maybe, you will see the scene where I get to fully entertain those other amazing feelings.
Until then, I have been very well fucked; I enjoyed it immensely and I can't wait for more.
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Margaret Robbie

Hey there! You must have seen my video by now… this was the most embarrassing moment in my life…or so you may be thinking. But I too have my secrets… a virgin’s secrets! I don’t think anyone who knows me will read this so I am getting bold enough to share it here. So come close… and please, please keep it to yourself only.
I am from Russia. I was probably just about six years old when my breasts started budding. They were just beginning to swell and I did not know what was happening. I was not very close to my mother and even though I loved my father, this was not something you spoke about with your dad. One day, something happened that changed my life… you can say it was turned upside down... Read more >>>
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Nicole Birdman - massage

Not all the girls are ready to loose their virginity in front of a camera! Watch the virgin girls getting oil massage right here, in the highest resolution. What you are about to see in the following videos will blow your mind away.
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Alina Redofed

Hello, I am Anna Redofed from Ukraine. I come from a large and happy family but unfortunately we are very poor. My father works on the land of another and my mother stitches at home. I have five sisters and a brother, who is the youngest. Two of my elder sisters have been married. I have another sister elder to me and one younger to me at home.
As our cottage is very small, we were familiar with what happens between a man and a woman from childhood. Sometimes when our father came home after work, tired and sweaty, he would pull my mother from behind and they would rush off into their bedroom. Sometimes, the door would be left unlocked and I and my sisters would peep through the door. As my father pulled off my mother’s clothes, we too would get a thrill. She loved getting her breasts sucked by him and we too would rub our budding breasts in pleasure. As his cock stood straight, we would gasp, and as he rammed it into her, we too would feel the wetness between our legs. She would sometimes suck on his cock, making it big and I too dreamt of doing that one day with my husband, who would surely be much older, with a moustache and who would suck my virgin tits like my father did to my mother... Read more >>>
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Anna Palatka

When Anna contacted our studio wanting to do a shoot for us, there was no doubt that we were greatly intrigued. She was just about to turn 18 and had long thought about shooting a pornographic video. The beauty was just five years old when she viewed her first pornographic video and by the time that she reached puberty sexual thoughts had taken over much of her life. She was just the kind of sexy blonde that any man would desire.
Interestingly enough, despite a sexual passion that had been stirring in her for thirteen years, Anna had never allowed a boy to take away her innocence. She had thought about it a great deal. When she was 11 she was introduced to masturbation in a class on sexuality and spent that afternoon seeing how much pleasure she could bring to herself.
She went into her room and sat in her very comfortable chair, imagining the things that had been talked about in class. The images she had seen six years earlier came back to her mind and soon she found herself sliding her hand into her pants and enjoying the feeling of her fingers sliding over her innocent pussy... Read more >>>
Hi, I am Anna Palatka from Russia. You must have already seen my casting video earlier where I explored my innocent pussy in front of you. It was such a beautiful experience for me that when I was asked if I wanted to give away my virginity in front of the camera, I eagerly said yes! This isn’t something dirty for me but a very rich experience…this is the first time a man is touching me… the first time I will see a man’s cock and be able to touch it… Come, be part of my adventure!
I have lived a very loving life with my parents. My father is a senior doctor and remains busy and I am very close to my mother. She has raised me to be an independent girl and lets me make my own decisions not just about what to wear and study but also about sex. I am confused about life in general…. About my future… about what I want to do. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted a job which was not ordinary. I want to travel, meet exotic people, stay in luxurious places. When a few acquaintances told me about defloration.com, I was eager to give it a try. I knew I might have to pose without clothing and I was prepared for that. I am a very practical girl but with a lot of romantic thoughts. Maybe this was where my future lay. How will I know if I do not try it out? I sent email after email, asking them to consider me as a model. They finally replied back in a beautiful letter with two conditions: one, I had to be a virgin…and two, I had to be 18 years old. Well, I was definitely a virgin but 18 years?? At that time, I still had two weeks to go... Read more >>>
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