"Defloration is dedicated to virgins and the act of losing their virginity. One would think, that's just a nice sounding term. I can safely say, they deliver what they promise. Sweet young girls losing their virginity for the first time. The site has been running since 2001, they had different names in the past - such as Sex Hymen, and Miss Photo. Even if you're not that interested in the defloration, they have gorgeous young girls, and great photography. The site is available in English, French, German, and Japenese languages.

The site's clean design itself reminded me of some artistic sites. Sergey Afanasiev does a wonderful job in my opinion. The first step is choosing the girls, and they seem to be very picky. I love their girls, they're cute, young, and classy - simply wonderful. As I understand, they're mostly from Hungary...

...This is a wonderful site, it's not only interesting if you're into defloration, but also just for the girls..."

By Furry Monster

Here is my review of Maria.

This is the best movie I have ever seen. It is obvious that they are not professionals, but two young people in love. They are embarrassed by you being there. The way he fondles her at the beginning is awkward, and gave me a smile. Like a virgin boy trying to have sex for the first time. Great. Guys remember their first time also. I liked the way you shot her while he was licking her pussy. It was a good clear view of his licking, and her dream-like facial expression. One scene I was hoping for and was perfectly done was when he opened up her pussy to see the hymen. The English subtitles were just right.

I was hoping that the defloration part would not be too quick, and it wasn't. The different positions were perfect and showed the penis prying open the pussy in good detail and good lighting. I especially liked seeing him gently thrust and her wince and pull away. Then a different position, just as good. Each time he got it in a little further. Then the final push and her moan. Then seeing the blood. It was a perfect scene. I liked it at the end with them kissing. A perfect erotic movie for couples.

Your only problem Serguei, is that you have set a high standard for yourself. People will expect more movies that are just as good. We have an American expression: "That's a tough act to follow." But I know you can, if you can get a virgin to agree to it.

Thanks for sending me such a great movie.
Professional Cameraman
Hi, ,
First of all Wow. Incredible Videos. The girls and action is everything I expected. Young, Shy, Innocent and Virgin. I have never seen a Virgin with Hymen intact. Come to think of it, I have never seen a Virgin before visiting your website. Please tell me what I saw was the "Real Thing" and not just Made up Hymens using "Digital Re-touching". Please tell me something that convinces me of Authenticity and you've got a customer for life and a referral to my friends.
Thanks In Advance,
Steve A. Darity
I'm one of the many fans and supporters of your site. I just wanna give my feedback to your site. When my friends told me that they have search and found an adult site. I will check it if it is as good as your site. but when I look the contents it is the something and usual with other site. like ordinary pictures and some are faked and edited. Then I said to my friends that why don't they check your site. then they check it.
And they were amazed on what they have seen on some previews of your model and they also agree that your site is the No.1 adult content in the whole web. because have searched more adult site but they can't see what they want. Every month I always check your site for your new models to be preview. Even though the pictures are small I'm satisfied. My favorite and the most beautiful models for me. were Monika and Anna Ribalko and also your newest model Karina Ivanova. because they were cute and have sexy body. And if can I only make a request to have a bigger picture of their body. I'll be glad and so happy .because I haven't seen a beautiful ladies like them naked and closer view of a virgin pussy. I want to become a member of your site but I don't have card and money to spent for because I'm unemployed at present. but if you can grant my request, even if its only 2 pictures. I'll be grateful but if you don't ,I understand the case situation and its part of a business.
Again Best Regards and keep it more up.
Sincerely Yours,
Edgar Yuan
Hello, I have received all your 4 CD. Greatly thanks for your offer. These are the best and most meaningful adult
material I have ever had. Precious collections.......
The video's are fantastic-- The other 5 that you sent were great! Please send me another Anna- Best Regards,......
Your Girls are some of the best I've seen on the web they remind of PERFECT 10 Magazine! Great Job! Thank You,
That was wonderful.....I never seen that in my 51 years..... Thanks
Thank you very much for the CD of Barbara. Here are my comments. I like the label on the CD with her name. She has a
beautiful body, rare in the USA. Her skin tone is great. Your close-ups of her face really show how beautiful she is. She
has full yet firm perfectly shaped breasts. In the USA she would have a large ass to go with it. Not her. I loved watching her ass. Most videos are just pornographic. You make good videos that are very erotic. I liked every scene. I liked it when she played with herself with the nipple and the baby oil. That is a real "turn on". The shower scenes were very good. I liked it when she squatted on it. She was never able to get much in. If she was hard to work with I could not tell from the video.
Good! Thank you,
I have some comments about Rita. I saw both CD's yesterday. They are great. Again the still photos were varied and sexy and showed her the way any first class professional photographer would with a nude model. What you have done with the extra large photos is unique. Those photos are very sharp and detailed. I did not know a digital camera could produce results that good. Those photos make a man want to see more. Now about the video. Again you get better and better. At the beginning I was surprised at how erotic she was when she undressed and rubbed herself. It was like someone showed her how and she had lots of practice. She acted like she had a lot of experience. She also had new ways to pleasure herself. That is always good to see, not the same old way girls play with themselves. And you captured it all with close-ups that were well lighted, and the camera angles were very good. I got the impression that I was there with her. Like I wanted to reach out and help her. The sound was excellent. The little bit of background noise from traffic was OK. The part with you holding the dildo was great.
She appeared to be afraid, and you had to coax her. Also showing the torn bloody hymen afterward was the best you have ever done. The shower scene was very good as usual. She has a beautiful face and when she is enjoying sex her face is great.
Good Morning, Do you remember when you were a kid and went swimming at a pond or a lake or a swimming pool? The water was cold when you tested it with your foot, and you did not want to walk in. So you either jumped or were pushed in! That is what I thought of when I saw the video of Barbie. She just quickly jammed those 2 fingers in all at once and got it over with. That was different. The video with the sucker was very good and different. You got all those pictures on the video on 1 CD. Great. Again I liked the pictures. Good variety and very sexy. I liked the way you showed off her narrow hips in the pictures and the video. Some men may not like to see all the blood, but it was interesting to see the damage she did to her hymen afterwards, when she kept using her fingers. Good shower scene. She has a nice slim body. What really impressed me, was how easily she worked her 2 fingers in and out in the shower, and reached a climax. I really liked that. I am surprised that she could do that so soon after tearing it. It looked like she might have gotten some blood on the rug. I hope it did not leave a stain. Where was the video shot?
Thank-you very much for the fast service and for the 2 free cd's. I am enjoying them very much. Your photography is
excellent. Very steady and good angles. I especially liked "Karina". Her humor came through and enhanced her natural beauty. Without understanding a word she was saying, you couldn't help but laugh with her.
Terry Over Honolulu Hawaii.
Hello, I have received all your 12 CD (27/01/2002).Woowww...that was wonderful and fantastic CD. Give me another NEW models (13 models are not enough for me). Thank you.
From Indonesia with love, Surianto.
Hi Serguei, Wow. They are a beautiful couple. Very Very well posed. I am glad that you were able to get them to take
direction. That was my big worry. But you did it. Congratulations. The kid is good looking. She is beautiful. She has a
great body. I hate him! Ha. With 2 great looking virgins, this should be a great movie. Again Congratulations. The lighting is excellent also.
Dear Sir: Wow, it's a great film with good quality and marvelous content. This is the first time that I could watch clearly about the mysterious hymen and the process of defloration though I've make love with my girl friends and put my penis into their hymen to took their virginity. Good shot.
Leon Chen.
Hi there, first of all I want to say how much I enjoy your site! Images and videos are of outstanding quality, I absolutely love your stuff!! With best regards,
J. Zoller
To whom it may concern: I have to give you a thousand thanks for the CD i just received. it has the best quality i have
ever seen in my life. plus i love the poses you chose........they are very provocative and sensual. if you EVER put your
CD's on sale again.........like you did with the Sofia CD.........I will MOST DEFINITELY buy some more!!!! congratulations
for being the best website on the internet!!!!!! keep up the good work!!!!
Jeremy Jones.

Good news!! The second package arrived today!! I haven't reviewed any yet but if they are like the first shipment, they
will be outstanding!!

One question. Where in the world do you find 18 year old virgins and great looking ones at that? I didn't know any existed. I don't think there are any here in the United States. If there are, they must be ugly. It must be very difficult to find such treasures and when you do, convincing them to lose their innocence on camera must be a real challenge. Bet you have to pay them extremely well. Whatever, you have a very unique idea and the results of your labor are fantastic!! I especially like to see the ladies pleasure themselves after they have been deflowered. Keep up the good work!!

I have been surfing the net for any competition for you. There are plenty of messages that say defloration. But when you click on them they just go to another web site which is only a list of other web sites. You can go in circles. After going from site to site, you end up where you started.
Another problem is that some sites have something added to the picture. You can download it and save it, but you cannot view it anymore. You can only look at it from the web site. This means you have to keep subscribing to the web site every month to look at the same picture. Also every pay web site is recurring. Yours is the only non recurring that I have found.
You are the only nice guy.

I am a guy, but I didn't know any other way to contact you by e-mail. I just joined the site yesterday. I am pretty amazed by it, and pretty turned on. It's had me on high arousal for a good 24 hours now. Last night I went to bed wishing I had your job, and just thinking how awesome it must be to talk a gorgeous hot virgin into participating, then seeing her get into it and love it and sometimes want to go further than they ever thought they would.
That's exciting! I was also touched by the defloration stories, wishing there were more of them, etc. But one story really touched my heart in another way. It's the one by the XX-year old girl who was taken on her birthday by her mother's boyfriend. I was excited and aroused by the story, but also it is so sad. But I wonder if it could be a real story- or maybe just a fake one an angry older woman sent in. It seems to me a XX-year old girl could not write with such perspective and descriptive power of something that had just happened to her, especially something so awful. If it's true, my heart just goes out to her. Pregnant at XX, with a mom who rips and tears at her innocent, trusting, unknowing character. So confused- she loved the feelings of arousal and sexual pleasure and being wanted- but now abandoned and pregnant by the man who raped her.
It's just heart-breaking. Can any one find out if this story is real, and if it is, is it possible for anyone to try to help this girl? I hope you can give me a real answer to this e-mail.
Thank you.

A Hooked Reader,
Massachusetts, USA.
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