1. What is the best software to play all the different video formats on your website?
- For Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 we recommend to use Windows Media Player to play our video. It supports all the video formats from our website and provides excellent playback quality and great colors.
For Mac we recommend the free VLC-player from www.videloan.org as the sdandard Quicktime Player shows our videio with faded colors.

2. I'm using Windows XP (or older) operating system and Windows Media Player cannot play your videos.
- use the free VLC-player from www.videloan.org to play all the video formats on our site

3. When I click on the link to the video on your page it will not load.
- Due to the high resolution our video files are quite large, so it is highly recommended to download them first to your computer (by right-clicking on the link and selecting "Save target as...") and then open in the player software.

4. Can I use download accelerator applications (i.e. Get Right, Flash Get, DAP+ etc) to download your movies?
- Yes, you can but make sure that you pass the full download link to the download accelerator application.

5. I have an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Can I watch your videos?
- Yes, our on-line videos (ones marked as ""Online (Flash or Mobile devices): view online") can be viewed online directly with the Safari browser. You also can download our AVI, WMV and HD MP4 videos with a computer then copy them to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. To play the AVI and WMV videos you need to install a video player that supports these formats, for example AcePlayer Lite, Oplayer Lite, AVplayer, etc.

6. I don't have a computer and want to download your videos to my iPhone/iPad/iPod touch directly from your website.
- iPhone/iPad/iPod touch doesn't support direct file downloading without installing 3rd-party applications. If you install a video-player software that supports WMV and AVI videos (for example, AcePlayer Lite, Oplayer Lite, AVplayer, etc.) you will be able to do download the AVI and WMV videos with Safari browser. When you click on the "download" link on our website the download starts. When it get finished you will be prompted to select if want to open the file with the video player. When you select the player from the list the video will be copied to the files of this player and you can watch it.
Our latest HD videos are in MP4 format. You will not be able to download them with the Safari browser. Safari wants to play them online. To download them you need to install iCab mobile browser or Google Chrome. With iCab or Chrome you can download the HD MP4 and also the AVI and WMV videos from our website and copy them to AcePlayer or Oplayer. Just long-click on the "download" link and select "Download link" from the appearing menu.

7 . I have an old Android-phone and whant to download the videos from your website but when I click on the "download" link it wont download.
- The default Android browser of older Android versions (2.6, etc., and Dolphin Browser too) uses the default Android Downloader to download files. It has a known bug - it can't download files from password-protected websites. To download our videos you need to install a browser that has its own downloader, for example Chrome or Opera Mobile.
Chrome browser has no problems downloading our videos.

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